Good Morning, Vietnam

Saigon, Vietnam, 1965…

U.S. troops are stationed at a secret base getting ready for war. One man is going to keep the soldiers laughing, and this is no USO show. This is GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM.

The film tells the story of Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams), a US radio DJ who is sent to Saigon to entertain the stationed troops with a morning radio show. Accompanied by his sidekick Garlick (Forest Whitaker), Cronauer does his routine of comedy on the radio every morning.

The intended music for the radio station is easy listening, but on his first day, Cronauer makes big changes by playing rock ‘n’ roll, and giving the program a new slogan…

”Goooooooooood Morning Vietnam!”

Soon, Cronauer’s morning show is a big success with the troops, as letters come in constantly, but brass soldiers Lieutenant Hauk (Bruno Kirby) and Sergeant Major Dickerson (J.T. Walsh) are not satisfied with his routine and don’t find the guy funny at all.

Despite the objections, Cronauer continues his routine and letters continue to come in. However, he goes too far, not with the routine and not even by making fun of former VP Richard Nixon, but by reading unofficial news about the bombing of a local restaurant. Cronauer is suspended and is taken over by Lt. Hauk, who is anything but funny. Hauk’s delight for music is polka, but the troops are not satisfied and they miss Cronauer and demand his return.

Reluctantly, Dickerson allows Cronauer to return, but is also informed that he had allegedly committed an act of treason. However, the brass will not press charges if Cronauer exiles from Vietnam. Before he leaves, he leaves a cassette tape with his goodbye speech. Just guess what Cronauer will say on the tape.

"Gooooooooooodbye, Vietnam!"


Complete entertainment, GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM is Robin Williams best work in a movie.

Anyone who knows the real Adrian Cronauer can find Robin Williams funnier. Everyone should check this movie out.

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Strengths: Definitely Robin Williams’s best work in a movie. The real Adrian Cronauer would have been proud.

Weaknesses? No weaknesses here.

Our rating: 9.8 out of 10

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Good Morning, Vietnam