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Uncle Monty. Fear him...
Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1987 Comedy movie starring Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths et al.
Contributed by: Mut &Amp; Glenn McKenna
Actor Richard E Grant is actually teetotal - he went out for a night with some of the cast and crew and studied the effects of alcohol on them in order to play the part. The wine Withnail drinks in the movie is actually fruit drink Ribena. And in the scene where he drinks a bottle of lighter fluid, it's actually filled with vinegar - his reaction (being sick) wasn't acted!
Contributed by: Bam
In the original script, after Marwood leaves for his acting job, Withnail takes the shotgun (originally stolen from Monty's cottage), fills it with wine, drinks from the barrel and then shoots himself. Robinson decided to cut this ending (I don't think it was even filmed), I'm not sure why, possibly he thought leaving Withnail in the park was more in keeping with the film.
Contributed by: Steve Smith
Concerning locations for parts of the movie. The cottage at Crow Crag is in fact a derelict building called Sleddale Hall close to Sleddale Reservoir a few miles north of Kendal. The Pub used on the trip to purchase Wellington Boots, (The King Henry, supposedly Penrith) is actually The Crown in the Market Square in Stony Stratford, Milton keynes, the Teashop now being a Pharmacy.
Contributed by: Hotfoot
The Camberwell Carrot was rolled by tha Sound Maintenance Engineer on the shoot, Alan Brereton. Nobody in the props department knew how to build a joint that size and he was an ex-hippy who'd made them in the past.
Contributed by: Onanon
According to Robinson's biography 'Smoking in Bed' The character of Uncle Monty was allegedly loosely based on Franco Zefferelli with whom Director Bruce Robinson had had some dealings as a young actor...
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