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The race of life... Kinda !


Go behind the scenes on the 1983 Comedy movie starring Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam More Cast

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Python refused to show Universal Studios a film script, figuring, as Eric Idle said, "If we couldn't work out how to make a Monty Python film, they couldn't tell us." Instead they showed them a poem, which was a summary of the film and a budget projection. "And to their credit," says Idle, "they paid for the film on that."
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Michael Palin's line, "Hey, but I didn't eat the mousse," is a rare Python ad-lib and was not in the script.
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During an interview to promote the film when it was first released, one of the members of the team said the meaning of life concept was the only way they could think of to tie together a lot of unrelated sketch material.
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For "The Crimson Permanent Assurance" segment, the real building that was briefly used for the location shoot was The Lloyd's of London Maritime Insurance Building.
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The bizarre "Find The Fish" sketch was filmed in the main control hall of Battersea Power Station, London. It was supposed to represent the weird dreams that we all experience from time to time. Terry Gilliam later expressed his regret that this aspect wasn't given a little more explanation.
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Terry Jones wrote the "Mr Creosote" sketch with Terry Gilliam in mind to play the title character, but Gilliam then convinced Jones that he should do it himself.
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"The Crimson Permanent Assurance" segment was filmed as if it were a completely separate project. Terry Gilliam got his own soundstage, crew and cast. This segment continued to expand because, according to Gilliam, nobody told him to stop.
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Written by Terry Jones, the "Mr. Creosote" scene was roundly rejected by the group on its initial read-through. It was saved from oblivion several weeks later by John Cleese, who, Jones said, "had realized the waiter was the funniest part."

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Deleted Scenes

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Alternate Versions

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