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Featured Movie Location: Theodore Pierce's apartment
Wanna see the real life filming location used for Theodore Pierce's apartment in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Brocklebank Apartments, located in San Fransisco, N. California. [Google Map]

Locations Manager(s): Larry Rapaport, Roberta J. Smith

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The second restaurant that Gilda Radner attempts to meet Gene Wilder at, called 'Le Club' in the movie, is actually the Prince pub in Koreatown, Los Angeles. It was also featured in 'Mad Men' and looks exactly the same, today at: 3198 1/2 W 7th Street. [Thanks to Tad Deutsch]

The scene where Gene Wilder is running through an outdoor corridor and passes a red, English phone booth is an actual outdoor shopping area in Pasadena, CA. It was also used in the tv series 'My So Called Life' and exists today. It's name is Burlington Arcade at: 380 S. Lake Ave. [Thanks to Tad Deutsch]

I believe the San Diego airport scene is the actual airport terminal, however I can't confirm this. I grew up there at that time and traveled through, on multiple occasions. [Thanks to Tad Deutsch]

Among many San Francisco county locations, the Palace of Fine Arts was also used.

Can you help? Do you know any of the San Fransisco, N. California (or any other) filming locations used for The Woman In Red? [Please send them in]

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