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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1988 Comedy movie starring Mike Jittlov, Phillip Michael Thomas, Paige Moore More Cast

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The Wizard of Speed and Time Filming Locations:

The Wizard's house was Mike Jittlov's house; The Wizard's garage: Mike Jittlov's garage...

...In general, if it is shown to belong to Jittlov in the movie, it really
does. The Los Angeles locations are easily locatable on a Los Angeles map. The whole movie was shot in and around the northern Los Angeles home of Jittlov, around the hills beneath the Hollywood sign, and suchlike. Certain quick shots of hills and valleys in Mike's short films were photo cutouts from travel magazines, animated by Mike on his famous(infamous?) JACAMPAC animation complex.

A few moments in the Wizard Run sequence were shot in Las Vegas, but they barely count, since they were no more than a few seconds at most.

There is a rumor that Harvey Bookman's pool (which the Wizard is thrown into and stays in beyond the lung capacity of most mortals) is actually Bill Shatner's pool in the Hills of Beverly, but that is unsubstantiated.
[Thanks to Clayton George]

The tunnel sequence was on the east side of the tunnel in griffif park just below the observitory. The same place the crash for the Warren bety film "Heaven can wait" was shot and the 1969 Into of the VW Thing was shot. [Thanks to Chris Roberts]

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