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Locations Manager(s): Charles Salmon

On Location

The movie was shot on locations throughout England including Gloucester, London, the Lake District, and Blenheim Palace in Oxford, which was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

The scene where Kincard fights is filmed in the entrance hall at Syon House. [Thanks to Vanessa Gain]

All of the waterfront dock scenes were filmed in Gloucester, England. [Thanks to Ash]

The railway station is the steam railway station just outside Windermere. The Lake used in the film wasn't Lake Windermere it was in fact Lake Derwentwater in Keswick. During filming I am led to believe that Michael Caine and the entire team stayed at "The Keswick Hotel" which is now called the "Keswick Country House Hotel". [Thanks to Dave R]

They stayed at Keswick hotel but all the actual filming of it was at nearby Fawe Park in Portinscale, Cumbria where they also filmed the Beatrix Potter film (as in the actual building Beatrix Potter stayed at) I only know this as I have had the pleasure of actually staying there and seeing all the photos that the owners keep displayed. [Thanks to Phil Nicholson]

The theatre exterior was filmed in Corn Street, Bristol and was in fact the Carwardines coffee shop next to the Corn Exchange. The famous Corn Street 'Nails' from which the saying 'cash on the nail' was derived can be seen in the background in some of the shots. [Thanks to Alan Pepler]

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