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Featured Movie Location: Walley World
Wanna see the real life filming location used for Walley World in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Magic Mountain, located in Valencia, S. California. [Google Map]

Locations Manager(s): Sam Mercer, Bill Borden

On Location

For the scene in which they are at Walley World's parking lot, it is NOT Magic Mountain, but appears to be a glass painting overlay or a wall set up in the parking lot of the Santa Anita Racetrack. [Thanks to Antonio Gonzalez jr.]

The Griswold's suburban Chicago house is actually a home in Los Angeles. The location is in the neighborhood of Los Feliz and located at 2310 Vermont, 90027. The house looks almost exactly the same today, however a decorative brick wall was built just off the main street protecting the circular driveway where Clark brought home the Family Truckster. [Thanks to Braden]

The scene where Clark first sees Christie Brinkley in the red Ferrari was filmed at Colorado 96 And US 50 E. at 41st Lane, Avondale, Colorado (Note: The house seen in the far away scene is still on the south side of the road between 41st Lane and Chico Road and the cars were traveling east in reality) [Thanks to Andrew]

The picnic area where Clark flirts and dances for Christie Brinkley was the Shaw Creek Rest Area, 24863 US 160, South Fork Colorado. It looks almost the same now as thirty years ago. [Thanks to Carl Pigaga / Andrew]

The drive-in restaurant was located at 1605 Main Street, Alamosa, Colorado. This was an old Sonic Drive-in and the shell of the building still remains) [Thanks to Andrew]

Cousin Eddie and Catherine's house in "Kansas" is located at 58909 Apple Road, Boone, Colorado.. The house is still there and unchanged today. I go by it all the time. [Thanks to Andrew / Darrin]

The scene where Clark drives off the highway in the desert and then proceeds to share a beer with Russ, was filmed right off of highway 160 on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation about 20 miles south of Cortez, CO. I work for the Ute tribe and drive past that area almost everyday. [Thanks to Robert Bellamy]

The scene when Clark and Ellen were talking about loosing the luggage with their credit cards and her diaphram was in Pueblo also. It was at the Coronado Motel. It still exists today. [Thanks to Craig Broska]

Coronado Hotel in Pueblo Colorado, located at 2130 Lake Avenue, it was then, and is still now, commonly referred to as "Hooker Haven". The "resident's" were temporarily relocated by the owners for the day(s) of filming.

I still remember standing across the street from the hotel asking the movie crew if they knew where they were actually filming. Their response was "We didn't before, but we do now. That's why we're trying to hurry things along and move on". [Thanks to

The scene where Clark and Rusty are running in slow motion to the song from "chariots of fire" was also the parking lot of Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia Ca. [Thanks to Dino Falabrino]

The car deanship where they pick up their new car is now Star Ford in Glendale, Ca. On Brand Blvd. [Thanks to Michael Biggs]

The gas station that Clark pulls into, and runs across the street to buy the BB gun used to be on the corner of Ocean Ave and Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica. It's now home to two restaurants... one being 'Ocean Seafood' [Thanks to Gary Barth]

Also Monument Valley, Arizona, USA

And Schnebly Hill Road outlook, Sedona and Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The hotel where Chevy self cashes a check is the El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon. It is located on the south rim. [Thanks to Charley Small]

This location was never seen by audiences, because this was part of deleted scene (see lost scenes section). The tank of gas that was taken by Clark that he drove off without paying for was just before El Tovar Hotel scene. It was shot and filmed at the Texaco gas station in front of the Moqui Lodge just outside of Grand Canyon South Rim Park off Highway 64/180. That Lodge just closed up 2 or 3 years ago and has now been torn down.

The highway scene when the Griswalds leaving on their vacation was shot going southbound on Lake Shore Drive and the southbound ramp from the Dan Ryan Expressway connecting with the Stevenson Expressway. [Thanks to Nafeesah Abdullah]

The scene where Clark "cashes" the check was actually filmed here in Durango at the Strater Hotel. The outside is the El Tover Hotel at the Grand Canyon.

When Clark gets pulled over for dragging poor Dinky to death was shot at or near 1901 County Road 124, Hesperus, Colorado. [Thanks to Andrew]

The smelly tents at Kamp Komfort was the site of the Riverbend Resort near South Fork Colorado at the base of Wolf Creek Pass. [Thanks to Leah]

The rest area where the dog pees on picnic basket is on Hwy 160 east of South Fork Co. [Thanks to Craig Broska]

Can you help? Do you know any of the (or any other) filming locations used for National Lampoon's Vacation? [Please send them in]

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