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Featured Movie Location: The train station
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The train station in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Union Station, located in Chicago, Illinois. [Google Map]

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The exterior of the Untouchables Headquarters was filmed at 209 S LaSalle Street in Chicago's Loop District. The building is nicknamed "The Rookery", which is a reference to its role as a temporary City Hall and water tank following the Fire of 1871. As this was a favorite roost for pigeons, the structure was referred to as "the rookery." It is one of the few locations in Chicago where an exterior view of the surrounding buildings still resembles the 1920's, with the Board of Trade and Federal Reserve looming closely nearby. [Thanks to Adam]

The address for the Rookery, correctly named as the fantasy HQ for the Untouchables is 209 S. LaSalle. The area is commonly used for period Chicago films and is also referred to as the LaSalle Street Canyon. The terminal end is the Chicago Board of Trade. The Rookery is two buildings north of the BOT on the left hand side of the picture. The "Canyon" reference applies to the the consideration of architects to keep the horizontal elements of their buildings at a uniform height from building to building. [Thanks to Brenda]

The roof where Eliot Ness has his final confrontation with Frank Nitti is actually the roof of the Chicago Cultural Center. [Thanks to Ron]

The shots of Ness chasing the bad guy up to the roof of the Cultural Center were also shot in the Cultural Center, in the rear staircase. The Cultural Center was also used in the Opera shots. It is located on Michigan Avenue, I believe on the corner of Jackson.

The cultural center's address is 78 E. Washington St, on the block between N. Michigan Ave. and N. Garland Ct. [Thanks to David Cameron]

Some of the exterior shots under the elevated tracks were shot on LaSalle Street near the Rock Island train station. I know this because they had the street closed during the shot and I missed my train because of it! [Thanks to Bridget]

Another location of note would be the ice cream parlor in the beginning of the movie where the little girl is killed by trying to return the briefcase full of explosives. This was originally a boarded up, run down bar at the corner of Clark and Roscoe under the El tracks, the movie studio came in an overhauled the location and also gave the antique shop across the street a new store front. It's currently the location of the "Twisted Spoke" restaurant and bar. [Thanks to Brenda]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Chicago, Illinois filming locations used for The Untouchables? [Please send them in]

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