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Eddie's House can be found at 109 Borden Ave, Wilmington, NC

Doug Savant's House is at 734 Forest Hills Dr, Wilmington, NC . It's only seen for a minute when Eddie's friend steals the tape out of his car.

Also, the house Sammi Curr busts through the window is located at 105 Borden Ave, two houses up from Eddie's house. [Thanks to Jason for all the above excellent locations info]

Hoggard High School-Wilmington, NC. All school scenes, cafeteria, library, hallway was filmed there. I was an extra in the movie for those 3 days!! Met Marc and was star struck. I love this movie!! [Thanks to Pam Harrelson]

Can you help? Do you know any of the North Carolina filming locations used for Trick or Treat? [Please send them in]

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