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Locations Manager(s): Ken Lavet

On Location

They Live was filmed entirely in Los Angeles, and most of the shots made use of the distinct downtown Skyline for background.

The area where the wasteland is in the movie is around Beverly Blvd, where it crosses over where Second Street becomes Glendale Blvd. The area was cleared in the 60's for a proposed extension of the 2 freeway that was never built. [Thanks to Tom]

I spent a few days trying to locate the scene area using google streetview maps, after snapping print screens of the movie in my computer to judge locations purely off the downtown skyline buildings, power lines, adjacent flow of auto traffic shown as well as building dwellings adjacent to the homeless campground scenery and have come up with the fact that this area has been changed somewhat but still not developed entirely. Although in the last street view could be very recent, as of date, I was hung up on around 4th Street because Frank tells Nada at the new job he acquired doing construction about Justiceville on 4th Street. After the foreman tells Nada "Ay, there's no sleeping on the site...", Frank comes up and says "You need a place to stay? Justiceville's over on 4th Street with hot food and showers. I'm going over that way if you want to show you".

(after looking up "Justiceville" which exists in true life as a 501(3)c non profit housing Justiceville/Homeless USA to end homeless Los Angeles life but found it (Dome Village) closed in Oct 2006 according to it's website.

After spending more time using the views captured in the movie scenes and using streetview feature on Google Maps I concluded that the correct site for the homeless campground and across the street Church "African Methodist Episcopal Free Church" should have been located at in between streets Boyleston and Beaudry and Temple and 1st. Judging in the one scene showing Frank walk toward the Church, it faces south and I get a view of a building with certain rows of tinted windows. Here is a link to the comparisons I made. [Thanks to Ron]

The wastelands exact location is where the Civitas School of Leadership is today, more accurately, the West Court street used to reach North Beaudry Avenue, but today a Baseball practice court (the one with the rectangular field), and several asphalt covered basketball courts can be seen at the spot. [Thanks to Andrew Gyore]

When Nada walks through downtown, he passes the L.A. Athletic club at 431 W 7th Street. [Thanks to Ron]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Los Angeles, S. California (or any other) filming locations used for They Live, particularly Holly's house? [Please send them in]

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