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Locations Manager(s): Michael Brownstone

On Location

The village was actually Claremont, Ontario, in North Pickering. The original opening scene showed the front door of the house we had bought there in 1981. That part was clipped in making the video edition. My (ex) wife, her father from England and myself participated as extras. My father-in-law had been a movie extra in British film while going to medical school in the late 1930s. I wonder what they would have thought if they found out he was actually an Air Commodore in the RAF, an honorary doctor to the Queen and head of eye medicine for the RAF. Unfortunately, the segments we were jointly in ended up on the clipping floor. My claim to fame is a distant shot of me as the gas jockey checking the readings on the gas pumps early on in the film. I eventually participated in half a dozen TV and Film shows over the next ten years. Fun while it lasted. [Thanks to Bob Carswell]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada filming locations used for Strange Invaders, particularly The town? [Please send them in]

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