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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1987 Romantic Comedy movie starring Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah, Rick Rossovich More Cast

Locations Manager(s): George Harte, George Horie, Matthew O'Connor

Roxanne Filming Locations:

We think the fire station is on Ward street. [Thanks to Cheryl Larcombe]

We think the restaraunt (Dixie's Cafe) is actually on Vernon Street, on the next block to the Heritage Hotel. It is now a closed lot, but on the movie you can see the very wide sidewalk and parking meters, distinctive of that block of Vernon Street. Also visible on the left at one point is the corner rotunda of the council chamber building on the corner of Ward & Vernon. [Thanks to Alan Poole]

The bar scene is a bar in Vancouver called Richard's on Richard. It's nickname is Dick's on Dick. [Thanks to David Okamoto]

There is a walking tour of locations that you can take if you go to Nelson, BC.

Roxanne's House is not in Nelson. It's actually in the beautiful village of Anmore, BC - approximately 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver BC. Owned by the Piamonte family, the house is virtually identical to how it was in 1987. Even the iron bar used by Charlie to swing up to balcony to rescue Roxanne's cat is still there! In the movie the siding was a light blue - it has been replaced with the current beige siding.

The house was also used as setting for a made for TV movie entitled "The People Across the Lake" - a murder mystery. [Thanks to Mario Piamonte]

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Roxanne's House

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