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Locations Manager(s): David Pomier

On Location

Scottsdale locations -- Both areas are Hallcraft subdivisions. The first neighborhood with the brick houses and the Doberman Pinscher is in south Scottsdale near Coronado High School. H.I. picked up the Huggies there.

The neighborhood where they chased through the split-level home is a few miles north north near Saguaro High School, near 86th Street and Rose lane, north of McDonald Drive.

The scene at the end with the football game was shot at Sun Devil Stadium which is on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe. [Thanks to Sean Sovereign]

The police station at the beginning is the Tempe Police Station located on 5th Street right next to the stadium. [Thanks to Sean Sovereign]

The scene where H.I. punches Glenn (the family picnic) was filmed at Lost Dutchman State Park near Apache Junction, Arizona. The picnic ramadas are still standing today. [Thanks to Dylan Normington]

The home of Nathan and Florence Arizona is actually part of the entrance to the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's on the corner of Jokake Blvd. and Camelback Road, in the shadow of famous Camelback Mountain.

The "Double Coupons!" store H.I. gets the Huggies at was actually an old Safeway supermarket, located on the corner of Rural and Broadway in Tempe, AZ. It has since been demolished and a newer Safeway constructed in its place.

The football team playing against "Nathan Jr." at Arizona State University's Sun Devil Stadium in the end sequence are the Firebirds of Chaparral High School, located on Gold Dust Avenue in Scottsdale, AZ. [Thanks to Robb and Dylan Normington]

The "Unpainted Arizona" store was actually a Home Depot located on the corner of Cactus and Cave Creek in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix KPHO-TV5 (at the time, an independent station) reporter Bill Rocz is shown in the opening sequence where the TV news talks about the birth of "The Arizona Quints."

In the opening sequence, the trailer home H.I. and Ed live in is referred to as being in Tempe. From the camera shots of Camelback Mountain shown later, the location is actually somewhere in the desert of far North Scottsdale, a much more affluent area. [Thanks to Robb] Mike M kindly updates us: The location of the trailer home in North Scottsdale is actually south of Shea Boulevard between 130th and 136th Streets near the Salt River Pima Indian Community boundary. [Thanks to Mike M]

The location where they had the trailer in the desert is actually at the corner of E Sorrell lane and N 135th way. My friends and I used to party there as teenagers long before there were any houses on that side of the cindercone. We showed up one night to find all the trash had been cleaned up and there was a single palm tree planted. We didn't know why until a year later when the movie came out. [Thanks to Aaron Tipton]

The grocery store looks similar to the Basha's at Indian School and Hayden. [Thanks to Mike]

The scene where H.I steals the diapers is the old Texaco Star Mart at Deer Valley Rd, just east of I-17. It is still there. [Thanks to Don]

The "bank" in "Lagrange" where H.I. fights Leonard Smalls is actually Reatta Pass Steak house which is still in operation today. It is located on Alma School Road just south of Dynamite. [Thanks to Glenn Dusz]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Scottsdale, Arizona filming locations used for Raising Arizona? [Please send them in]

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