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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1988 Drama movie starring Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Valeria Golino More Cast

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for The 'Rain Man' Motel in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Budget Inn Motel (room 117), located in El Reno, Oklahoma. Google Map

This is the motel where Tom Cruise realises that Dustin is the Rain Man.

The movie opens with scenes of Lambo's being unloaded at San Pedro's Terminal Island Shipping Docks.

A vintage World War II Quonset hut somewhere in the Los Angeles are was used as Charlie's (Tom Cruise's character) auto import operation. Can anyone help with the exact location?

The script called for an Eastern city. Director Levinson suggested Cincinnati from memories of visiting there on a publicity tour. He was also drawn to the fact that Cincinnati is not often seen on the big screen.

The Cincinnati Trust where Tom Cruise founds out about the 3 million dollar trust fund is the Dixie Terminal Lobby, 49 E 4th Street (4th and Walnut), in Cincinnati. [Thanks to Kevin McCarty]

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffmans childhood home: on Beechcrest Lane in Cincinnati (East Walnut Hills district)

Dustin Hoffman decides they shouldn't travel by plane at the Greater Cincinnati International Airport and they start their trip on highway I-275 (the ring around Cincinnati).

The filmakers also spent time at Cincinnati's downtown Dixie Terminal and the bridge Tom and Dustin cross is the John A Roebling Suspension Bridge. In total, the first 4 weeks of production were spent in the Cincinnati area.

As Raymond keeps repeating "97 X, bammm, the future of rock and roll", the two are driving on US 50 Columbia Parkway just east of downtown Cincinnati, along the ohio river. 97 X is an actual radio station in Oxford Ohio, home of Miami University, maybe 30 miles away. [Thanks to Brian G]

Tom and Dustin spent their first night away from Wallbrook at the The Vernon Manor Hotel at 400 Oak St Cincinnati, OH 45219 [Thanks to Mike Sweeney and Laura]

Incedentally, 400 Oak Street (Oak and Burnet) where Ray wants to go buy KMart underwear is, of course, actually the address of the Vernon Manor hotel.

The Vernon Manor Hotel hotel interiors were filmed on a set built for the movie in the studios of Cincinnati's WCET, the city's public broadcasting channel. It is located in downtown Cincy. [Thanks to George]

On to Kentucky... And the father (of Tom and Dustin) was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, Kentucky.

This scene where Raymond wouldn�t go out in the rain was actually filmed at the Hearthstone Restaurant in Metamora, Indiana. They apparently even have the 8x10 glossys on the wall there and they even named the cabins out back, (rainman cabins)

Christina Kunkel wrote in to say that "the toothpick scene is at Pompillio's in Newport. I have been there many times even used the phone that Tom did in the movie. I have family who have worked there. There is no mistaking it. Also there was another movie 'Airborne' that has a scene from there."

Wallbrook is, in real life, St. Annes Convent, Melbourne, Kentucky.

The bridge that Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman drive across from Cincinnati was the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge. [Thanks to Jason]

A further two weeks were spent filming at locations around Oklahoma City.

The scene where Rain Main and Charlie are in a Hotel room in Amarilo Texas and the picture falls in the hot bathtub, was actually filmed in El Reno, Oklahoma. [Thanks to Becky]

Tom takes Dustin to a doctor at the Guthrie Clinic, corner of Division Street and Oklahoma Street in Guthrie.

The gas station where Dustin and Tom stop to make a phone-call is a stop at Cogar.

Dustin Hoffman watches Judge Wapner on the farmhouse TV: Hinton. The location in Hinton, Oklahoma, where Dustin Hoffman watched the "People's Court" was next door to where I lived as a student while at Hinton School. It is east of Hinton on Highway 37 in a rural area. At the time, the property was owned by the West family. My sister was friends with the daughter. [Thanks to Shelba Craft]

Battle for custody of Dustin Hoffman: Wattles Mansion, 1824 North Curson Avenue in Hollywood.

The place where Tom turns down $250,000 is the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, 404 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles.

The convenience store where Tom Cruise comes out and puts some sun block on Hoffmans nose is in Windy Point on Hwy 111 coming into Palm Springs, CA. [Thanks to Mike M]

Other locations: Santa Ana Train Station, 2800 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA.

Ceasars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South: The bar scene where raymond gets a "DATE" was filmed at the lounge next to the old sailing vessal inside the casino... often bands play on the ship, as seen in the film.

"Nick", the dealer, is actually a dealer there in Ceasars Palace. He was also featured in "CASINO". A real nice guy. [Thanks to Derek Moore]

The Location of the house Tom Cruise lives in and brings Dustin Hoffman back to in Los Angeles is located at 1599 Sunset Plaza Drive in the Hollywood Hills. 10 years later and a lithograph of Tom Cruise that some fan had given him while shooting still remains in the laundry room. [Thanks to Jay]

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