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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1982 Comedy movie starring Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Tony Ganios More Cast

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Porky's Filming Locations:

I was on the crew of the original Porky's film. The exterior of Porky's was built on what is now Oleanta state park just off Sunny Isles Blvd. In North Miami.

The final scene where Porky crosses the county line was shot on what is now the North Miami Campus of Florida Int'l University. In 1982 it was just empty roads running through the woods. The location was about 3/4 mile south of the University's 151st street entrance.

The High School exteriors (and the courtyard) were shot at a former school on Miami Beach (Miami Senior High). The night dance scene and the exterior "secret" entrance to the girls shower were also shot here. The shower was a set built for the film.

-However, Jaime Franco wrote in to say: I just wanted to correct your location for the Angel high exterior, courtyard, and gymnasium. This was not Miami Beach Senior High, This was Ida Fisher Elementary on Miami Beach. I know for sure since I was actually a student there while filming was going on. I was in 5th grade and was looking down from the second floor while they were filming the "smash the egg on meat's head" scene. [Thanks to Jaime Franco]

-And, Gina wrote in to say: I was an extra in the movie Porky's 1, and I was in the dance scene. It was filmed on Star Island at a former high school. It was definitely NOT and elementary school. There were lockers in the back of the gym and the campus was huge....not an elementary school campus for sure. [Thanks to Gina]

The interior of Porky's was filmed in a now demolished restaurant just off the 79th street causeway in Miami (Frank Sinatra also made a movie there in the 60's).

Cherry Forever's house was built as a set in Greynold's Park in North Miami Beach.

The beach restaurant (site of the "Mike Hunt" gag) was filmed on Hollywood Beach (Florida). [Thanks to Porky's crew member]

The school Gymnasium shown in the movie is at Miami Senior High located in Miami, Florida. [Thanks to Alexander Farfan and Kat]

I know that the gym scenes and, the secret entrance as well as the courtyard scene were filmed at Fienberg Fisher Elementary School in what is now known as South Beach. I was not only in elementary school there at the time but my uncle, David Silk was the principal. My mom remembers picking me up from school and seeing the old 50's cars used for the movie parked in our school field. I still have the crew shirt that was given to my uncle which is actually a Porky's The Next Day shirt with Angel Beach High Drama Club on the back. I believe that the gym was used by the high school not too far away as well as the by us. I always thought it was called Miami Beach Senior High. [Thanks to Jill Barefoot]

..BUT, Kevin wrote in to say: Sorry, but the gym scene was definitely filmed in Miami High, not an elementary school on South Beach. I graduated MSH and have taken my son to the school to show him the gym. Maybe they used TWO locations? AND Lily wrote in to say that Miami High School is NOT in Miami Beach but in Miami itself. Miami Beach High is not where the exteriors are filmed. The exteriors of the school is Miami Sr High. Can anyone help confirm..?

...THEN, Bill Signer kindly adds: I was a student at Feinberg at the time of filming. It was filmed across the street at fisher not Miami high. Matter of fact fisher just become the elementry school because of the Mariel boatlift when we started sixth grade we had to go to nautilus for 6,7,8 then beach high for 9-12.

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