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Scwagalp passhöhe was used for the "house in the alps" where the killer first lived. the film starts here with the Swedish girl seeking help, but ends up meeting he killer. This is off course the same place Jennifer comes back to when following the fly. The place itself lies not on the top off the pass, but a little further down, on the way to Urnasch.(it still looks somewhat the same, the trees have grown some though)

On the way up (when Jennifer rides in the bus, looking out the window) a couple of shots where used:

-a "pointy hill" with some more mountains showing in the background(very near the start of the climb up the pass)

-The shot of the bus with the great mountain in the background, just before arriving at the house, is very near the house itself. The only thing is that the bus is driving the wrong way, to the top of the pass instead of down (in real life that is)

Another location being used was, as it says here, Unterwasser. The waterfall with the caves is located just behind the village in the woods.(easy to find) This place was used in the beginning when the killer chases the girl and finally kills her. In real life this waterfall is not that lose to the house, it is in fact on the other side of the valley,on the other side of Säntis.

I also think the local cablecar in Zurich was used in a short scene where Jennifer writes her dad. [Thanks to Erik Evanger]

Zrich, Kanton Zrich, Switzerland was also used in the making of Phenomena [Thanks to Charlie Edh]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Switzerland filming locations used for Phenomena? [Please send them in]

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