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Location Watch: The film, like many Hollywood movies, has no problem with violating the physical geography of its location. It's particularly memorable in this department because after he leads Gene Hackman's henchpersons on a car chase across the Key Bridge into Georgetown, he gets out of his car and runs down the escalator into the Georgetown Metro station (marked by a proper brown Metro station pylon that says "Georgetown" on it), and emerges in the Old Post Office Pavilion. Neat trick, as there is no Metro and certainly no "Georgetown" Station! even better than the restaurant earlier in the movie affording Costner a physically impossible view of the Washington Monument.

The subway chase was filmed in the Baltimore system because at that time the Washington DC Metro was off-limits to moviemakers. The movie was genuinely filmed, however, in the entrance of the Pentagon. [Thanks to carole]

The breakfast between Brice and David where they talk about the phantom sub was filmed at The Hotel Washington. [Thanks to Virginia]

The breakfast scene was filmed at the Hay-Adams Hotel just across from the White House. [Thanks to Mark]

I was curious about the weekend getaway. Said to be in Annapolis but I didn't recognize any of it. Can anyone help? Thanks. [Thanks to Theresa]

I interned in the Pentagon Public Affairs office in 1989, and No Way Out came up on my first day on the job. When I mentioned to the PA Director what a great movie that was, and how it gave me an idea of where I'd be working, he set the record straight this way: "The movie is about the Secretary of Defense being a bisexual killer. Do you really think we'd give our approval to film here?!" He went on to explain that most hallway scenes were actually filmed at the Dept. of Interior (note the checkerboard floors) although the film crew did manage to con their way past the Pentagon Police for at least one genuine shot in which Kevin Costner rushes to the lobby to make a call at a payphone. The PA Director said Kevin was rushing partly to finish the shot before the brass upstairs could kick everyone out. [Thanks to Bob Cheatham]

Not only the entrance to the Pentagon was used, but inside the building as well... I work there, and in fact one of the corridors they show is the one I walk down to get to my office. All the scenes (including the chase scene) are actually in the building. [Thanks to Jim]

Can you help? Do you know any of the (or any other) filming locations used for No Way Out? [Please send them in]

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