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NeverEnding story was filmed in Such diverse locations as Germany, Spain and British Columbia. [Thanks to Nikki]

The scenes with the bullies in the beginning and at the very end were filmed in Vancouver, B.C. When Bastian is first flying into the city, you see below him a bunch of trains. This is a well know train yard in Vancouver. In the distance you see a silverish dome- that is B.C Place Stadium. [Thanks to Rachel]

The bully chase scene near the beginning of the film was shot in the Gastown area of Vancouver. You can actually see the famous Gastown Steam Clock at the right side of frame, behind a man on a ladder who is working on it, as the chase begins.

The alley they chase Bastion to and subsequently dump him in the garbage is halfway down the block south from the Steam Clock, on the east side. It is called Trounce Alley, between Water and Cordova.

Also, at the end of the film, Falcor takes Bastion back to the scene of the crime for some redemption against the bullies in the opening sequence. Gastown is also featured heavily in the sequel. [Thanks to Sean Orr]

One location was a school building not far off Lonsdale ave. in North Vancouver. I think maybe Third St.

Another was a private home in White Rock. [Thanks to Howard]

The scenes that were filmed in an indoor studio were filmed at Bavaria Studios in Munich Germany. They have the actual Flying dog (officially, a luck dragon) and moving rock that is used in the film. They allow the public to sit on the luck dragon and have their picture taken. [Thanks to Colin Fulcher]

The scene where Atrey falls off Falkor and lands on a beach was filmed in Spain, exact location unknown to me. [Thanks to Rachel]

The school used in North Vancouver off third street is 'Ridgeway Elementary School'. [Thanks to Rachel B] BUT, Ashley kindly wrote in to say that North Vancouver school is called Queen Mary Elementary. (13th and Keith). We asked for confirmation and Dave Cote kindly wrote in to say: Yes I'll confirm that the School that was used (that the attic is in) is my Elementary School: Queen Mary in N. Van. I watched the film first time there and that completely blew my mind and has never left me:):) especially when he peeks into the little window in the Classroom door, as that was the math class I skipped all the time (the school was on a First Nations program at that time, where we worked at our own pace, and attended classes we wished to (So I either went to the library to draw, the woodwork shop to make swords, or skipped and shoplifted (shhhhhh))). Not to worry, I turned our fine (as you can tell by my use of brackets (I'm a math computer software engineer:))). And I'm further blown away right now to learn that Ridgeway was in the film!!! When my Mom learned I was skipping and shoplifting (she didn't know about the 'at your own pace' learning policy), she changed my schools.. to RIDGEWAY!!! Wow. I'm sweating.

The beach scene was filmed at "Monsul's Cove" ("Ensenada de Monsul") in the province of Almer­a in the region of Andaluci­a at the south of Spain. [Thanks to Aliste Lizarralde]

Can you help? Do you know any of the filming locations used for The NeverEnding Story? [Please send them in]

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