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Filmed in LA, Rome and Twickenham Studios in London, England.

Rome, Italy - an old church movie hall; we were supposed to be at the high school where Jerilee went and was graduating if they did not cut the scene out. There was also a very late night scene around a swimming pool - it was freezing cold. (one comment about our dress from the people 'shooting' the film was that we were "not dressed correctly for a scene in Los Angeles". Well what did they expect from Europeans since the filming people did not provide us with clothes/costumes! We did not have on pastel, or colorful clothing; I was dressed in a red blouse and a dark blue flair skirt..) I don't know who the high school principal - a female - was, but I remember that she couldn't remember her lines, and had to repeat them dozens, and dozens of times; as we sat and sat. Some extras groaned in agony, and the director was annoyed he explained that the actress was a big actress and that we should respect her talent (of long ago I suppose.) The budget must have been a shoestring one because the extras did not get paid for the long hours, and the fact that some of them were minors, no one respected the time limits they would have had to do in America; therefore the minors worked until 3:00 AM in the morning. Glad I was not in that scene. The reason I checked out this film Lonely Lady was because I never saw it and was curious. There was a man next to me who slept through the entire scene. Lucky him! [Thanks to Madi Mae]

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