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Locations Manager(s): Patricia D. Lydon

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One scene in "light of day" takes place inside of a shopping mall. That mall is the Yorktown Mall in Lombard, Illinois. The mall interior looks much different now, and it is my understanding that funds received from the location shoot contributed largely to the massive renovation the mall underwent soon after the movie was filmed. [Thanks to Emmett]

But.. wait... Terri Wright wrote in to say that the mall scene was really filmed at the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Ohio I know --I was there!! It has been greatly remodeled since the filming --also the scene at the park (playground) was shot in Cleveland Heights, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) the bar scene was filmed at the Euclid Tavern on Euclid Ave. in Cleveland, just most recently closed! a couple of my friends are in the crowd in the "concert crowd" shots filmed the "Euc"! [Thanks to Terri Wright -from a suburb of the rock and roll capital of the world, CLEVELAND, OHIO!]

Deconess Hospital was in a scene used for when the mom was sick. [Thanks to Andie and Terry Zona]

The "Game Zone" arcade in the movie was shot in an old abandoned fast food restaurant in Blue Island, Illinois. It's a south suburb of Chicago. The arcade is now a "Big Boys" fast food diner... but was successful and still running today. There were several other shots in Blue Island, including some house and neighborhood exteriors. [Thanks to Thomas Byrne]

Marshallan Factory at the corner of W. 85th and Franklin Blvd. [Thanks to Kris]

We filmed for 4 days in a bar on the east end of Euclid avenue. That's where they filmed the champagne scene where Michael J Fox and Joan Jett and the other guy were singing on stage. I wonder if there are pictures of the filming & extras there? [Thanks to Michelle Davidson]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Cleveland, Ohio filming locations used for Light of Day? [Please send them in]

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