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On Location...

Licence To Kill Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Laura Aguilar, Tony Broccoli, R. Colette Hailey, Nicole Kolin

On Location

The following locations were used Key West, Florida; Cancun, Mexico; Mexico City (Churobsuco Studios).

Mexicali, Mexico ---"La Rumoroso", was the site of deadly tanker chase at the close of the film. The road is closed due to being too dangerous and is rumoured to be haunted! [Thanks to Geoffrey Reed]

Ernest Hemigway's home in Key West was, I believe, used during the scene where M revokes Bond's license to kill. Shooters/Observers are also posted at the top of the Key West Lighthouse, adjacent to Hemingway's home. [Thanks to Andrew]

The outside scenes of the Meditation Retreat / Secret Base where filmed in Toluca 50 miles southwest of Mexico City at the Otomi Cultural Center. [Thanks to Armando Hernandez]

Florida Keys and Mexico City (not Spain) [Thanks to Francis M]

Bar brawl: Harbor Lights Restaurant at Garrison Bight Marina.

Felix Lighter's wedding reception a beautiful home on South St [Thanks to Ryan Lewin]

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