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Lethal Weapon Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): David Israel

On Location

"Lethal Weapon" began principal photography in early August, 1986, shooting on locations throughout the Los Angeles area, as well as on the backlot facilities of The Burbank Studios.

The Christmas decorations on Hollywood Boulevard were set up a few months earlier than usual. [Thanks to Jonathan Lim]

Danny Glover's house is located on the Warner Bros. Ranch at 4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA.

The opening title sequence and the first spectacular stunt of the movie were filmed in Long Beach, with helicopter camera work that would set the tone for the movie.

Riggs jumps off the Emser Building at 8431 Santa Monica Boulevard handcuffed to a suicidal office worker.

The space-ship house used in Lethal Weapon (blown up) is one of two houses off Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills area (west of Cahuenga). Those two houses have over 100 stairs leading up the entrance. One was even used in Woody Allen's Sleeper movie. The house causes quite a disturbance -- especially in the Valley because at night, if looks exactly like a Space Ship from outer space. People have called the Burbank Police Department many nights, upset that aliens were landing in Hollywood Hills. Those houses are still in existence today. One being sold in 1998 for a reputed $4.8M. [Thanks to jacq]

BUT, as Tom rightly pointed out: I don't remember any "spaceship house" being blown up in Lethal Weapon. I don't think there are two of them either- there is the Chemosphere House which did sell for millions to publisher Benedict Taschen and looks over Studio City, not Burbank which is miles East. There is a house "destroyed" (actually a double of the house built in Sylmar) in "Lethal Weapon II", which was designed by the same architect, John Lautner called the "rainbow house" but it neither looks like a spaceship nor has 100 steps to it, and it looks over downtown Los Angeles, not the Valley. The house used in Woody Allen's "Sleeper" is in Boulder, CO. [Thanks to Tom]

The company also filmed at Palos Verdes, Santa Monica, Studio City, West Hollywood, and Inglewood.

The desert scenes were filmed in one week at El Mirage, an enormous dry lake bed in the Mojave desert outside Victorville, CA.

The target practice scene where Riggs makes the happy face, was filmed in Monrovia at the indoor pistol range on Huntington Dr. near Myrtle Ave. (no longer a pistol range) [Thanks to Greg Bermel]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Los Angeles, S. California (or any other) filming locations used for Lethal Weapon, particularly beach location of Riggs' trailer? [Please send them in]

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