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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1982 Teen Drama movie starring Lawrence Monoson, Diane Franklin, Steve Antin More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Gary McNett

The Last American Virgin Filming Locations:

Many of the exteriors of the characters' homes, including Karen's driveway and Carmela's apartment, were shot in Studio City and the North Hollywood / Toluca Lake area (you can tell from the house numbers and street signs). [Thanks to Christian McLaughlin]

Carmelas apartment the sexy nympho was shot in North Hollywood, CA. Her apartment location is on Camarillo st and cross street is Cahuenga blvd. The apartment building hasn't changed much, just the color of it has. [Thanks to Ray Davido]

Carmela's Apartment was at 10720 Camarillo St. in North Hollywood. See this link. If you click on "user photos" it will show a screenshot from the movie. When Gary comes back with his two buddies, you can see the address a split second before Gary knocks on the door. [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johannsen]

The "Roosevelt Highschool" scenes were shot at Birmingham High. We think the football field scene was filmed at Reseda Highschool on Victory Blvd and Reseda, in Reseda CA. [Thanks to Jason]

The front of the Pizza place where Gary works, looks a lot like "Piece O' Pizza", which was located on Reseda Blvd. [Thanks to Dawn]

The pizza joint where Gary works is at Western and Hollywood blvd in Hollywood right behind the Pioneer Chicken (which Charles Bronson walks by in "Death Wish 2") [Thanks to Robert Vanmnoy]

Here is a screen shot from the opening scene where Gary Drives off. Sure enough you can see the Pioneer Chicken which was not only in Death Wish II but in the DeBarge video, "Rhythm of the night".

This link shows a reverse directory from 1987 courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library. It's a page that includes 1716 N Western Ave where the Pioneer Chicken was. At 1704 shows a Vincenzo's Pizza which is the only pizza parlor on that block. [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johannsen]

The location for the Pioneer Chicken and pizza place where Gary works is on Sunset blvd (south side) & Vista area. I used to go there often and worked at a store in that plaza. That same location can be seen in "Ruthless People" where Danny De Vito is waiting for a ransom call across the street before the attempted robbery. That Pioneer Chicken used to be a 1950s hamburger stand. [Thanks to Nicki Bratz]

Vincenzo's Pizza, formerly located at 1704 N. Western Ave in Hollywood, served as the fictional location for the Pink Pizza. If you look closely at the film shot provided here showing Gary driving off in the pink station wagon to make his delivery you can clearly see in the foreground reserved parking spaces for "Weekend-Eve Vincenzo Only." The filming location at this address is further confirmed by the large 4 story brick building seen in the background of the same shot which is still visible on Google today. [Thanks to Mark S]

Here is a screen shot where Gary Pulls in to where he sees Karen's moped so he waits all night before going out to look for her. The exact address is 8391 Beverly Blvd the northeast corner of Beverly Blvd & Orlando. If you look across the street, there is a Blueprint Furniture at 8366 Beverly Blvd. At the time of the movie you can see "BR___RT IMPORT" (the rest of the name is covered by the pig on Gary's car). Look at the building: Different business and it's been repainted blue, but the shape is exactly the same. [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johannsen]

This link is a reverse directory from 1987 courtesy of Los Angeles Public Library it shows 8366 Beverly Blvd as being "Brand Art Imports" which is consistent with the picture I submitted. This is the google maps link. If you click on "user photos" it will show screenshots from the movie. I figure this is more comprehensive than just the screenshot alone because users can see then and now. [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johannsen]

The restaurant where Gary saw Karen's moped, waited for her for a while then left to go look for her was in a shopping center at the northeast corner of Beverly Blvd and Orlando. You can see a sign for "Oriental Silk" in the background where he first pulls in. They must have torn down the shopping center and reversed it. There is a "light bulbs unlimited" there now, which was a parking lot at the time of the movie and vice versa: the restaurant is now part of the parking lot. [Thanks to "Mountain Mike" Johannsen]

I think the crabs at the pool were filmed at the Sunland Tujunga public pool. [Thanks to Scott Tappin]

The actual filming location for the party & pool scene at David's (aka Big Apple) house in the movie, whether an actual home or a movie set, has still not been confirmed. In the movie after David escorts an inebriated Gary from the party back to his Pink Pizza's pink station wagon parked on the street he is definitely standing in front of the house located at 4344 Lemp Ave in Hollywood. While the houses are somewhat unrecognizable today at this intersection compared to when they were originally filmed in the early 80's the flagtone-like wall structure near the corner of the house at 4344 is very distinguishable in the film after Gary drives away and this same feature of the property is still visible today on Google street view. The house appearing in the background in this specific scene of the movie at 4334 Lemp, lit up by party lights and flanked by cars, seems to fit as David's house because they approached Gary's car from that direction and it was purposely included in frame. Whether the house served as the filming location for the party and pool scenes is unknown. [Thanks to Mark S]

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