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On Location...

Ladyhawke Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Anselmo Parrinello

On Location

The film was shot on location around the Dolomite mountain range in Italy.

The Torrechiara Castle near Palma in the Emilia Romagna region was used for interior scenes as well as woods in the Abruzzo area. [Thanks to Ely]

The Rocca Sforzesca in Soncino (Cremona) It's a typical Middle Ages Fortress of Sforza's family in a historic little town. [Thanks to Maurizio]

Soncino castle near Cremona with water around, for the initial escape from the dungeon.

Castell'Arquato near Piacenza, medieval village with medieval cathedral and castle for the final scene.

Rocca di Calascio near L'Aquila, ruined castle in the mountains.

Abruzzo region, for the scenes in the forest

The interior of the cathedral was built in Rome Cinecitta because it was not permitted to film a scene in a real cathedral [Thanks to james]

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