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Killer Klowns from Outer Space Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Ellen Lent

On Location

The movie was filmed on location in and around the town of Watsonville. It is about 20 minutes from Santa Cruz. The majority of the film is filmed in Watsonville except for the last scene that was at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. [Thanks to Christina]

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was used. The same location was also used for "The Lost Boys".

The clown puppet show was filmed at the gazebo at East Beach Street & Main.

"Big Top" Burger was filmed at 300 E. Lake Avenue.

The Crescent Cove Police Department was filmed at 231 Union Street,which at that time was Watsonville's actual Police Dept. which now is right next door in a huge building.

Several scenes with the pink angle hair goo inside cars at night was filmed at the (top of the world) - the infamous hole number 3 DeLaveaga disc gold course in Santa Cruz ca. at night. local PD were aided by some disc members. [Thanks to Ross the toss]

On Brennan Street, Watsonville, they filmed some of the scenes of the klowns walking through town. The Klown puppet show was filmed in the Watsonville Plaza Gazebo.They drove through the town in the Ice Cream truck and running from the klowns on Main Street, Freedom Blvd, East Lake, and East Beach Street. The makeout point was filmed on Mountain Madonna in watsonville and the Klowns spaceship landed there. [Thanks to Sherri Espindola]

Can you help? Do you know any of the N. California (or any other) filming locations used for Killer Klowns from Outer Space? [Please send them in]

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