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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1986 Sci-Fi movie starring Joey Cramer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Howard Hesseman More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Sam Tedesco

Flight Of The Navigator Filming Locations:

The 1st house used in the movie in the beginning is 615 Idlewyld Drive on the Idlewyld Estate in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301, right on the intercoastal. If you Google Earth it you can see the house. Its been remodeled some but still recognizable. [Thanks to Brad Davis, Robert, Scott, Shawn Leightcap, Seaton P. Stiff & Johnathen Hopkins]

And the house in SW 30th Terrace, the pyramid-shaped house, which appeared just for a few seconds in the movie is still there. It appeared in the scene where Jeff, the young one, David brother went to join his playmates. And where he sprayed David with a waterpistol and shows his butt. [Thanks to Robert & Seaton P. Stiff]

The old railroad drawbridge, in the scene with Max-the spaceship, is right in downtown Fort Lauderdale. [Thanks to Robert]

The exact address for the home next to the draw bridge is 701 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33019-1601 [Thanks to Cory Montague]

A house at 2515 Arbor Drive (or Southwest 30th Terrace) in Fort Lauderdale in the Riverland area was also used. [Thanks to Kathy Freeman & Scott]

Misteralien adds: It's possible in the movie for the second house that they say the street name. The street name is 7th street and there is a draw bridge on sw 4th ave. Its sw 7th ave. They might have changed the streets. [Thanks to misteralien]

Sherry Thorup, Location Manager for Flight of the Navigator wrote in herself to add: Going North on SW 4th Avenue, you will cross the river and it becomes SW 7th Avenue. It makes a big curve between the two points. [Thanks Sherry!]

UPDATE: iGav wrote in to say: The family's second house (the 1980's one) is not actually in Fort Lauderdale at all, but Hollywood (Broward County, Florida), hence perhaps the reason for peoples confusion in attempting to find it. And it is indeed on a 7th Avenue, N 7th Avenue (presumably number 701 as can be seen in the film). In the scene where David returns to his 1980's family, during some of these shots (particularly those showing Max with his hatch open) a building can be seen in the background, on this building the words 'Hollywood Beach Hotel' can just about be discerned. A quick search suggests It has since been taken over by Ramada, and renamed the 'Hollywood Beach Resort'. According to both Google Earth & Bing Maps, the house is still there, and looks not at all dissimilar to the way it did in the film. Unfortunately Google Earth doesn't have Street View photo's of this particular road, but the stairs at the back of the house that Jeff climbs to launch the fireworks can clearly be seen when viewing the back of the house in Bing Map's aerial view.

Scott kindly wrote in to confirm that the "years later" house is at 701 S. 7th Ave, not N. 7th Ave. And that it looks pretty much the same.

Now: does anyone know where the NASA Research Center was located? [Thanks to iGav]

FPL's Port Everglades Powerplant in Ft. Lauderdale, early in the movie scene, was in the plant's switchyard. [Thanks to Michael Dart]

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