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The $7 million motion picture released by Avco-Embassy, shot for three months in futuristic locations scattered over five states: Georgia, Missouri, California, Nevada and New York. A large portion of the movie was filmed in East St. Louis after a fire had destroyed a large number of buildings. The area looked so bad the art department didn't think they needed to add anything to simulate a ghetto area of a New York city of the future [Thanks to Travis Milloy]

The filmmakers used the Sepulveda Dam as a detention center.

The lobby of the former World Trade Center was filmed at the California Institute of the Arts, a school founded by Walt Disney. [Thanks to Audie Harrison]

Part of the movie was filmed at Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri. Union Station was once the busiest and largest passenger rail terminal in the world. It's operation ceased in 1978. It reopened 1985 as the largest adaptive re-use project in the U.S. housing a 539 room Hyat Regency Hotel, a 10-creen movie theater, luxury offices, a lake, four active train tracks and a plaza for festivals, concerts and other special events. [Thanks to Barb]

The wrestling scene in the movie was filmed at Union Station. The room the scene was filmed in is now the lobby of the Hilton Hotel.

The subway scene where Snake tries to flee with the Pres. but gets caught, was also filmed at Union Station. Today it is the parking lot for the hotel and mall.

The bridge scene at the end of the movie was shot on the 'Chain of Rocks' bridge which connects Missouri to Illinois over the Mississippi just outside of St. Louis. The bridge also developed a bad reputation for crimes and violence including a rape and murder while it sat unused. In 1999, the bridge was officially re-opened for bicycle and pedestrian usage after renovations and security improvements. [Thanks to Brian Curran]

The Fox Theatre on Grand Avenue in St. Louis, Mo. was used for the musical "Everyones Coming To New York" that Snake went to to find the President. [Thanks to Jerry Cross]

The scene where Kurt Russell is watching a live stage show was filmed inside the Wiltern Theatre, corner of Wilshire Blvd and Western Ave in Los Angeles [Thanks to Robert Vannoy]

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