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Dreamscape Filming Locations

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Tommy Ray shows how you can do anything in dreams.

Featured Movie Location: The Racetrack
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The Racetrack in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at Los Alamitos race track, located in Cypress, S. California. [Google Map]

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Alex's apartment building was located just off Sunset in LA. at 1320 Miller Drive, West Hollywood. Apparantly it is little changed, even now.

The 'research institute' was represented by a number of different actual locations. The University of The Pacific was the main exterior with the entrance to 'Knoles Hall' [left] being the most recognisable (see link). It can be found in Northern California, 80 miles east of San Francisco at 3601 Pacific Ave; Stockton.

The palatial home where Bob Blair talks to the President was a private residence high up in the hills of Beverly Hills. (exact location anyone?)

The bar was located in Santa Monica and is sadly no longer in existence.

The "dream chamber" and control room were sets.

The end scene at the the station was shot at Union Station, 800 North Alameda St; LA.

Bronson Caves was used for the confrontation with the snakeman at the end.

A large two storey house in Larchmont/Wilshire area was used for the guy whose wife is cheating on him.

The top of the First Interstate building was used for the construction scene where Alex is hanging on a beam) [Thanks to Brian]

Most of the labratory, clinic, dreamcenter interiors are actually CAL ARTS... Walt Disney's School near Magic Mountain, in Valencia CA. Tim Burton and many others went there. I know, I went there. Same hallways that are in the 'Hulk Pilot' Bionic Woman', 'Hardy Boys', Escape From New York', 'China Syndrome', 'Dukes of Hazard', Woody Allen's 'Sleeper', and sooo much more... [Thanks to Daniel]

Can you help? Do you know any of the S. California (or any other) filming locations used for Dreamscape, particularly The President's estate (exact street address)? [Please send them in]

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