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Will Corey find love? Hey it's the 80's!

Featured Movie Location: The High School
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The High School in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at New Hanover High School, located in Wilmington, North Carolina. [Google Map]

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On Location

The filmmakers chose Wilmington, North Carolina for filming the movie because they felt that the story should take place in a small town setting. They chose Wilmington for it's 'storybook' look and thought that the house chosen for the Ettinger's would be perfect to portray a small-town American home.

The brick patio behind 1705 Princess St. was used in one scene where Harry Dean Stanton is talking to Corey Feldman.
There is also a scene filmed at the front entrance to the same house. [Thanks to W. Frank Ainsley]

The restaurant where Coleman ate at is located on the waterfront in downtown Wilmington. The USS North Carolina is blurred in scenes with Corey Feldman and Meredith Salenger when they were on the waterfront.[Thanks to Robert Dean]

The school used in the movie was New Hanover High in Wilmington.

The Coleman house is located at the corner of princess st and N. 14th st in Wilmington just behind the school. [Thanks to Dee83]

Other locations used were Roy's River Boat Landing (the cafe Coleman and Gena frequent), the alley behind this restaraunt was used as the setting for The Bridge (the place where the climactic end scenes between Joel, Dumas, Bobby, etc take place) and Thalian Hall was where the opening and closing scenes of the film were filmed.

The house that was used as the home of Coleman is located very near to the school, on one of the streets to left going away from the school. The alley way used for the scenes walking to school is at the house also. The high school is located on highway 17 going north away from downtown. [Thanks to Robert Dean]

The director also wanted to film the actors walking around the Wilmington neighborhoods often to give the movie a stronger sense of time and place.

Can you help? Do you know any of the Wilmington, North Carolina (or any other) filming locations used for Dream A little Dream? [Please send them in]

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