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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1986 Drama movie starring Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Mark A. Baker, Michael J. Malone

The Color Of Money Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Atlantic City Hotel (pool tournament) in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Blackstone Hotel, located in Chicago, Illinois. Google Map

The movie was shot in Chicago, Illinois, as well as Atlantic City, New Jersey for some Boardwalk and casino exteriors. [Thanks to Ann Leysen]

The opening scene when Newman is at the bar & Cruise is playing Stocker was filmed at Fitzgerald's Bar 6615 W. Roosevelt Rd. Berwyn, IL. They also filmed Blind Fury there with Rutger Hauer, Adventures in Babysitting & A League of Their Own.

The ChildWorld toy store, that Tom's character works at was filmed in Forest Park, Il. just 4 miles west of Fitzgeralds Bar. It is now a Portillos parking lot. Althoug people have written in to say that it was at Randhurst Mall in Des Plaines and Mt. Prospect, a Northwest suburb of Chicago; There's no reason they would film it at Randhurst, it's way too far from the other locations. There weren't any other Childworld toy stores at the time except for that one. [Thanks to Vince Freitag]

I saw Newman & Cruise o break in between scenes having coffee & donuts at the Sunshine Bakery which is now torn down. I was 20 when they were filming it. One of my girlfriends at the time had tons of photos from behind the bar ...And no paparazzi back then!!!

Chris's Billiards (4637 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL) - Northwest side of the city. This is the location of where Vince FIRST plays Grady Seasons. Grady wins easily at first because Vince is told to "dump". Then Vince gets pissed at Grady's arrogance and the two start exchanging wins on the table. [Thanks to Steven Wojcik]

There is a bar scene at the beginning of the movie. There is one circular track shot that was done there -a trademark of Martin S's pictures. It was filmed in a restaurant called THAT STEAK JOYNT on Wells Street in Chicago's Old Town section. Just blocks away from it's famed Second City. I believe it's still there. [Thanks to George]

In the penultimate sequence of "The Color of Money," Vince (Cruise) and Carmen (Mastrantonio) confer a potential lucrative endeavor at the tremendously kitsch "Gaslight Club," located at the O'Hare Hilton Hotel in Chicago, IL. The bar is located at the lobby level of the hotel. The O'Hare Hilton Hotel is located in the center of the O'Hare Airport, and can be seen amidst the beautiful gleaming "eighties-esque" red-neon stripes, from miles away.

The Navy Pier Ballroom in Chicago was used for the Atlantic City Tournament. It was supposed to take place at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. [Thanks to C.J.]

The final pool tournament was filmed at Navy Pier in downtown Chicago. The actual room has been totally torn down/refurbed. Also, "Child World" was in Forest Park, IL ., however the exact location is where a Wal-Mart now stands. [Thanks to An 'extra' in the final scene]

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