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Westminster Shores Retirement Community at 125 56th Ave. South; St. Petersburg, FL 33705. It was the same address as shown in the movie--no effort to disguise it. Looks much the same now as it did then. No mansion next door. That must have been another location edited in to look like a neighboring home. [Thanks to Dallas Keffer]

The Westminster Shores Retirement Community is the correct place where the movie was filmed (listed as Sunny Acres in the movie). I took down the address from the movie and my wife and I went there to check it out as we have a condo not too far from the place and met the couple whose unit was used to film their cottage. They were very nice and we took some pictures by the building then went to the club house where the other scenes were filmed. While there, we were invited to dinner by a sales rep (trying to get us to buy into it), so we went back the next evening with another couple and had dinner there and talked about the changes to the place, had a great time and loved the movie. [Thanks to Tom Schmall]

The world famous "Johns Pass" was used as the location where the aliens first rented the boat from Steve Guttenberg. The current owners grandfather owned the dock area when the movie was filmed, you can see the words "Worlds Famous Johns Pass" on the building in the back ground as they are renting the boat. [Thanks to Tom Schmall]

Ahh, yes, the legendary Pool House Mystery!

We've been told that the marina house pool at 868 bayway clearwater beach florida was used in the movie. But nothing at the Bayway address in Clearwater Beach currently looks like it could have been in "Cocoon". Of course, a lot of years have passed and Florida has done a lot of growing since then. I am still trying to find the mansion "next door" location. I heard in the DVD commentary by Ron Howard that the home owners loved the poolhouse--it was constructed by the studio especially for the movie. They did not want it torn down after production ended, but it was only movie set construction and would not last. Looks like it was built around an existing pool. There was nothing like that at all next door to the retirement community that I could see. [Thanks to Dallas Keffer]

Recently, we've been hearing a lot that the pool in the movie was really the pool at a mansion in West Orange(?) NJ.

For example, Chris kindly wrote in to say "I do know for a fact that AlliedSignal owned the mansion for a while. I believe it was left to the company by someone who founded it? The masion was a summer house for the Nichols family. Or maybe it was Solvay. (Allied had a Nichols/Solvay building at it's morristown NJ site). As an employee of the company I had been to the mansion a few times. Having seen the pool at the mansion I could almost swear that yeah, that's what was used in the movie. It was stunning. Indoors, big columns." However, David kindly wrote in to say that the spot in west orange, NJ is called the Plesantdale Chateau and looks close but he doesn't think it's a total match to the movie.

However, Director Ron Howard clearly says on the commentary on the DVD that the pool was constructed especially for the movie... and only of temporary "set" materials... Maybe the NJ mansion has a very similar pool and is trying to cash in on possible tourist trade, as I've heard that they claim on their website that the pool is the one used in the movie...

It's been suggested that the mansion used was located on Park Street in St. Petersburg. Was this correct, and what would the exact house number be?

Dennis kindly wrote in to say that the large mansion was a house on Park Street in St. Petersburg. Many of the houses are gated and it is hard to tell from the street which one it was. [Thanks to Dennis]

Another visitor wrote in to say: I grew up in St. Pete and was there during the filming. i'm pretty sure that the pool house was a house in the Snell Island section of town. it might have been a house owned by Cubby Broccoli (leader of the James Bond film dynasty) or somebody he knew. I had never heard of the pool house being a temporary set, but just the opposite, that it was an in-tact home. I can't swear to any of this, but it's what I remember from talk and scuttlebut around at the time....

We do know, however that the filmmakers built the poolhouse as a structure over an existing outside pool for the movie.

ShelP kindly wrote in to add: If I am not mistaken, I recall a tour guide telling the passangers on a small boat tour around an exclusive island just off the Port of Miami that the house exterior was the shot used in the movie. Not sure if the pool was inside. This home sits very close to other celebrities i.e. Rosie O'Donnell, Al Copone etc...To me it looked very similar. Steven Frank adds ...the pool house is an actual location. The home where the pool is on the waterfront that connects the waterway along John's Pass.

UPDATE: Both Linda & Denise Smith as well as Jason Estep have kindly written in with the address of the poolhouse mansion and we're holding back on this until our new locations feature goes live.

Can you help? Do you know any of the Florida (or any other) filming locations used for Cocoon? [Please send them in]

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