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Beetlejuice Filming Locations

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Locations Manager(s): Mary F. Galloway

On Location

The town of East Corinth, Vermont was used for the exterior location shots. A miniature replica was also built of the town and used in the movie.

The hilltop that the Maitlands house was built on in plainly visible when one drives into the town of East Corinth off to the left hand side of the road. The Maitland's house itself was just a facade built for the exterior shots.

The building used as a school house at the end of the movie for Winona Ryder, is in actuality the town's Mason's Hall. The entire second floor of that building is actually a theater space with a stage and a kitchen area.

The covered bridge that the Maitlands met their fate on was constructed specifically for the movie, and the road leading to it and from it doesn't even exist.

While filming the opening credit sequence of the 'bird's eye view' of the town. The residents were asked to stay indoors while the helicopter made it's passes.

East Corinth is every bit as cute and quaint in real life as it seems in the movie. [Thanks to Elizabeth Durkee]

Most of the interior shots were filmed at Culver Studios in Southern California.

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