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Locations Manager(s): Paolo Fabbri, Ken Tuohy

On Location

The Film Version of Amadeus was shot entirely on location in Prague. At the time Czechoslavkia was under communist rule. To have an American film shot entirely in red territory took a great deal of negotiating. Day in and day out of filming, the set was constantly being monitored by secret police. The communists were under the impression that Milos Forman (director), as well as the others heads of production, were CIA spies sent from the American Government. On a side note, Milos Forman is a Czech native.

The scene in the movie where Mozart presented his play Don Qxiote, the Opera house where that scene was shot happens to be the very opera house where the real life Mozart presented that very same play. It was shot all on location... [Thanks to Jeff]
The above paragraph is incorrect. It was not a "play," it was an "opera." And the "opera" was Don Giovanni, not Don Qxiote. The opera house in Prague, The Theatre of the Estates, was where Mozart's Don Giovanni and La Clemenza di Tito operas both premiered.[Thanks to Maija]

Many scenes in Amedeus were shot on location in Prague OLD Town places.

The Kromeriz Archbishop's palace was used for scenes with the Archbishop.

The Prague Stavovske theatre was used for all scenes in the theatre. The Prague Maltezske square was also featured. [Thanks to Petr]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Prague, The Czech Republic filming locations used for Amadeus? [Please send them in]

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