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Revised: 14th June 2000
In this unique section we look at missing scenes that were written and maybe even filmed, but didn't make it into the final cut of the movie...

Karate Kid 'Vanished' Scenes by Vanished Son
Your host is our very own script correspondent Vanished Son who will be revealing a dazzling number of previously unknown scenes that were originally written for the movie but were cut both before and after filming...

Columbia Memo detailing scenes that were cut before shooting began
In this Columbia Pictures inter-office memo [pictured right] dated late November 1983, scanned from Vanished Son's copy of Tony O Dell's script, we can see tantalizing proof of scenes that were scripted, but deleted long before the shooting stage.

Sadly, this meant that some entire threads of the story line and a number of locations were cut forever. Examples are: Daniel's and Lucille's bedrooms and the library.

Read on as Vanished Son takes us on a journey into the Karate Kid movie that was originally planned. Many of these scenes may have been filmed, but left on the cutting room floor...

-Did You Know?
The fight scene involving Mr Miyagi and Kreese that starts off Karate Kid Part II was originally intended to be the end of Karate Kid I.

When the filmmakers realised that they had a good movie on their hands, they cut the end off and saved it for a possible sequel.

Wanna know about other missing or cut scenes? Read on...

Cut Scene: The 'Legendary' Cafeteria Scene

In this first section of the missing scenes section, we are proud to exclusively bring you the first ever Internet unveiling of the now legendary cafeteria scene that was definitely filmed, but ultimately excised from the final cut of the movie....

In the cafeteria, immediately after the exchange where Ali admits that Johnny is her ex-boyfriend and says that its been over "weeks".. Daniel responds "One week? five weeks? How many weeks is 'weeks'?"...

Ali put her milk on the table and sat down.

Daniel pulled out a chair, but when he sat down, there was a sickening squish. Too late he realized there was something on the chair. When he stood up, he found a mashed pie of blueberry pie all over the seat of his white pants.

"Ooooh -gross!" said a girl at the next table.

Daniel looked for the culprit and he didn't have to look far. At a nearby table, Johnny and his henchmen were congratulating one another. All around, the kids spotted Daniel's pants and began laughing.

Ali was angry.

"You jerk!" she cried to Johnny.

Daniel wiped the thick blueberry mess off his pants and held it in his hands as he walked calmly to Johnny. "Don't even think about it, worm." Daniel hesitated for a moment. He had, after all, made it to lunch period without any fights. Calmly, he smeared the gob of blueberry gunk on Johnny's shirt. Mayhem erupted.

In the finally filmed --but cut-- version, Daniel takes the whole pie over to Johnny. He can clearly be seen holding it in the publicity shot above.

Cut Scene: Lucille's Mysterious Job (Daniel's Mom)

-Daniel's License
How comes Daniel just gets his license... what about the DMV?

-Because that whole story thread was cut from the movie, thats why!

Wanna know about other missing or cut scenes? Read on...
In this second edition of the missing scenes section, we can exclusively reveal the truth about Lucille LaRusso's mysterious changing job. Also Daniel's mysterious drivers license is explained...

When Daniel meets Freddy, he says that the reason he moved out to California was because his mom got a new job; "Rocket Computers, Flight of the future.. I don't know". Later on in the Orient Express restaurant she talks of being trained as a manager (of the restaurant).. Whatever happened to "Rocket Computers"? Did Daniel make it up to impress his new friend? In this excised scene, originally meant to happen after Daniel is sent off the soccer trial pitch, all is revealed... Read On..


DANIEL practices his smile again. It isn't easy. He doesn't have much to smile about as he thinks over the events of the last two days. But his mother is determined to make their new home succeed. He doesn't want to be the one to ruin it for her. Maybe she is right, he thinks, wryly. Maybe the best thing about this Garden of Eden is that swimming pool.
The front door opens.LUCILLE enters hurriedly. DANIEL pastes the well-practiced smile on his face and greets his mother easily.

LUCILLE : "Hi, Hon! How's the eye?"

DANIEL: "Okay. What's the rush?"

LUCILLE: "I got a job!"

DANIEL: "Yeah, I know. Rocket Computers. Flight to the Future!"

LUCILLE "'Crashed in the Present' is more like it. The company went bankrupt last Friday. Can you believe it? Isn't that my luck?"

DANIEL: "So, we're going home?"

LUCILLE: "Honey, we are home. This is it."

LUCILLE walks into her bedroom, then comes back out again.

LUCILLE: "Seen my black shoes?"

DANIEL reaches under the couch, finds them, and hands them to her.

DANIEL: "So, what's this job?"

LUCILLE: "It's just fantastic, honey. Listen to this story. I walked out of the former Rocket Computer offices, feeling pretty low - as you can imagine - and a woman comes flying out of this restaurant, The Orient Express - isn't that cute? - yelling about how she's going to quit. Right behind her, a guy is yelling, 'You can't quit. You're fired!' It's one minute to noon, people are coming in for lunch, and I'm the Number One applicant. I got the job. What a story, huh?"

DANIEL finds it hard to hide his disappointment.

DANIEL: "So after going to school - all those night classes about computers - you're going to be a waitress?"

LUCILLE: "Hostess, if you please."

DANIEL: "Big difference."

LUCILLE: "Yes, Daniel, there is. But it's only temporary anyway. It'll feed us until something better comes along."

DANIEL changes the subject. He does have some good news, after all...

DANIEL: "I started driver's Ed at school. I got my learner's permit."

LUCILLE(distracted): "That's nice"

LUCILLE holds up a pair of earrings to her lobes.

DANIEL: "Sure. Listen, if I get enough practice in, I can get my license on my birthday."

LUCILLE: "How do I look?"

DANIEL pastes the smile back on his face. This time, however, the insincerity shows

DANIEL(flatly): "Great"

LUCILLE: "Hon, there's stuff in the fridge for dinner. See you later."

LUCILLE hurriedly pecks DANIEL on the cheek and dashes out the door. DANIEL retreats to the corner of the sofa and his not-so-happy thoughts about the Garden of Eden. The door opens again. LUCILLE sticks her head in..

LUCILLE: "How's Friday afternoon?"

DANIEL: "For what?"

LUCILLE: "Driving lessons."

DANIEL smiles at his mother and then watches her leave. He then takes out his karate book and starts practicing...

At this point Mr. Miyagi enters and proceeds to fix the faucet as in the standard cut of the movie..

Original Scripts -Part One: First Reading of the shooting script -Vanished Son -UPDATED 15th Oct 1999

In the following section of the missing scenes section, our resident 'script-master', Vanished Son takes us through the shooting script noting differences between it and the final version of the movie...

Okay, this is what I've noticed on my first reading: First of all, Robert Mark Kamen rules! It is such an inspiring and sensitive tale told by a man with great knowledge, and research and ideas - some of the scenes read like poetry - honest.

Here's list of as many things as I have noticed on first read - in order:

1. The script begins outside 'South Seas' - no journey from Newark. I have 2 drafts of that scene - both slightly different, one is very like the shot version and includes the line about the pool - 'make it a hundred and one'...

2. Daniel is described as being 15 and a half... younger than in the movie.
[Ed note: Is he younger than that in the movie?]

3. I have 2 drafts of the broken faucet scene - seems like Kamen knew what he wanted to say but had different ways of expressing them.

4. Scene 21 - totally missing from the final movie - sees Daniel behind the wheel having a lesson with Mother. His friends Kevin and Kenny are mentioned here when she says ' you'll get your licence before they even touch a car' - as a precursor to the poison ivy story.

5. Daniel calls the bike a Miyagi turbo at the same point he does in the film - based on the knowledge of Miyagi from fixing the faucet. There was no apparent re-arrangement here.
[Ed note: That is in reference to my long held belief that scenes must have been re-arranged, otherwise, how did Daniel know Miyagi's name?]

6. After seeing the Cobra's parked at school and bailing on Ali, Daniel finds a book with an advert 'Learn Karate, feel secure, 2274 Almeida Boulevard - El Plusho Dojo.' He takes the forms to his mother at the restaurant telling her that the teacher is an 8th dan black belt. She says they can't afford it. His mom is flirting and being chatty with a guy called Larry who Daniel is jealous of. NOTE: There is tons more character development in the role of his mom and their relationship than seen on screen.

7. The script is written so that after the Bonzai clipping scene and fixed bike, we see it display 'Six Months Later' and it is then Halloween..

8. Daniel needs Shower costume but instead of just saying 'if I could go as the invisible man' , he reveals - 'Those accidents? They weren't accidents..' Actually telling Miyagi straight out - a trust he doesn't display that early in the final film.

9. The idea that what Kreese has taught the Cobra's is the reason for their bad philosophy is much clearer. During Daniels visit to the Cobra Dojo with Miyagi, we see a close up of Daniels face as he recognises the words from Kreese's lips that Johnny chanted at him during their fights - 'a man faces you he is the enemy, an enemy deserves no mercy, mercy is for the weak etc.....'

10. The scene where Daniel draws the reconciled Cobra's into the 'interesting' tale from history class is not present.

11. Daniel returns home with paint on him from painting the house (no up down,go side side) - and says he was helping a friend - this is the first indication that Miyagi's training is actually a secret to her in the script - she replies - 'what's his name, Rembrandt?'

12. Ali introduces Daniel to her parents as Daniel Webber??!! This is never explained and could be a remnant from an earlier draft where Daniels family name was Webber - I don't see why Ali would change it out of embarrassment....
[Ed note: This is from an earlier draft. In the second draft, dated March 28 1983, now in my posession Daniel's name throughout is "Daniel Webber"]

13. The line 'We really like your car Mrs. LaRusso' is not present.

14. 90% of the dialogue appears in the film as written. Wonderful!

15. Lucille's Bedroom, scene 84: Lucille exits in robe,sleepy. She enters Daniels room but his bed is freshly made. She goes to the living room, Daniel has only painted half of the apartment wall, but on the far side has painted on the wall in large letters ' be continued..' She is very pleased at the young lad's spirit.

16. Scene 93. Daniels Bedroom: Preparing for the country club date, Daniel tries on half a dozen outfits.
[Ed note: The Country Club scene is not present at all in earlier drafts]

17. Both Johnny and his parents are seen with speaking parts at the Country Club.

18. Whilst waiting outside Encino Oaks, Daniel is mistaken for a Valet in his white clothes, he gleefully parks a car!

19. The Miyagi drunk scene is absolutely stunning, a remarkable piece of writing.

20. Then there was a great cut scene! Daniel ignores Ali on the way into school because he thinks she is with Johnny (Encino).... She pleads to be allowed to explain.... Daniel continues on ... She says 'you're rude' Dan says ' You live in a world of rude people. I just want all of you to leave me alone'

21. Scene 116: The School Hall. Kamen show's Johnny's doubt of Kreese long before the 'Sweep the Leg' incident. Johnny walks up and gives Daniel a form about body contact at the Tournament. Daniel says - 'I thought it was no contact ' Then Dan asks Johnny what pleasure he gets from beating up on him - ' we both know you can kick my ass seven days from Sunday, right?' Then he asks - ' you ever think he might be wrong?' Johnny- 'Who?' Dan - ' Your teacher' Johnny - 'Watch your mouth asshole' but he lacks conviction............

22. There is a strange piece about a 'dummy' called Mr. Hashimoto at the Miyagi house birthday party scene.... It sits at the table with them....??!! Perhaps Kamen was fooling with the notion of Daniel training with a wooden doll or something?
[Ed note: "Mr. Hashimoto" is a 'wooden-man' type training device cooked up by Miyagi in the earlier draft(s). It is described as "What looks like a coat rack with a catchers mitt tied to its middle and bamboo staves attached by springs sticking out at odd angles." Miyagi refers to it as "Mr. Hashimoto. Number one training partner"]

23. A great cut line - during Ali and Daniel's confrontation at Golf n' Stuff.. Daniel says - 'You're so full of shit your eyes are turning brown..'

24. Have 2 drafts of the scene outside Golf n' Stuff - reconciliation. 1st is the movie one we know- 2nd takes place outside Ali's house and Daniel is less confident saying to her about the tournament ' I suppose you're already invited' ...

25. Lucille's Bedroom: Cut Scene 128. Daniel tries to get mom to sign the Release from Responsibility for Injury form while she's half asleep. This is how she finds out about the Tournament....much more character development.. She says 'no' and crumples it up.

26. Cut Scene: Kitchen. Immediately after that - Daniel goes to the fridge and notices birthday cake on the table and a gift. It is a wallet with $20 in the billfold. He winces and realises here about the forgotten party, not at Miyagi's house. I often wondered why he said ' oh I have to go to my mom, and then sodded off to Golf n' Stuff'

27. Daniel is present at the tournament sign-in...he hands in the crumpled form. Guy says - 'what you do - sleep on this Larusso?'

28. Lucille wakes up and looks for form, it has gone, she realises Daniel is fighting.

29. During the fights, Miyagi sees Kreese chatting to buddies who are Officials. Kreese gets something changed on a clipboard. Miyagi is worried, then suddenly, the same Official forces Daniel to fight Dutch instead - it is a change of procedure based on Kreese's corruption.

30. Then there's a great note in the script that says - '* Pat Johnson has fight details.' - wow! I love that!

31. Dutch and Daniel have a post fight scuffle on the floor when Daniel says that Johnny will 'have to do better than you'.....

32. Lucille arrives and finds out that Miyagi trained him. It's a revelation.

33. Freddy and the guys approach and wish him luck even though they have been bastards in this draft.

34. Bobby is so distressed from breaking Daniel's leg that in an act of defiance to Kreese, he walks over, unties his belt, and drops it at the masters feet.

35. When Daniel wins, they all chant 'Karate Kid' - thank god that was fact - there are numerous references where he is called that by people. [Ed note: like when Daniel meets Freddy & Co on the sports field]

36. The beginning of Karate Kid 2 is actually the real end of part one - the fight between Kreese and Miyagi. Then all Cobra's throw their belts down at Kreese.

Hope that was fun for you.

-Vanished Son

Original Scripts -Part Two: The second draft of the script -dated 28th March 1983 -Webmaster [Nick] -NEW 15th Oct 1999

I am now lucky enough to have a copy of this early draft of the script, complete with hand written annotations by a number of people including someone called "John" (John G. Avildsen, maybe?). These annotations generally question character motivation and things like that. Preliminary things that I have found are:

1. There are a lot more beatings for Daniel. The producers have annotated the script to show the fact that they were obviously unhappy at the level of violence.

2. Daniel's name in this draft was "Daniel Webber"

Johnny's name in this draft was "Donald Rice"

Daniel saves Ali from rape in a scene that leads to their reconciliation. In this draft they fall out much more than in the final film... There are many scenes where their relationship deteriorates. Just prior to the tournament, Ali is grabbed by a load of "greasers" (at the venue that serves as Golf N' Stuff in the final film), who try to undress her and generally accost her. Daniel turns up just in time to immobilise them and rescue her. This give him a big confidence boost for the tournament.

5. Daniel is tormented verbally by the characters that in the final movie were "Freddy" & Co, throughout the script Daniel foolishly lets "Freddy" & Co, believe that he is a black belt and agrees to teach them karate.

Daniel also is terrorised generally much more by the Cobra Kai -both physically and verbally -At one point they put a large amount of dog sh*t in his locker or laugh at his "incredible shrinking weenie" after forcing him to endure a cold shower in the shower room etc etc.

Daniel finds another Karate dojo, with a much more friendly sensei, but despite his begging, his mother insists that they cannot afford the fees.

-- Also, see part one, above, which I have annotated with new & updated info

Movie & All Images 1984 Columbia Pictures. Please see the legal section for details.

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