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Revised: 18th Jan 2005
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Links To Other Karate Kid Web Sites

Listed below are the other sites on the net devoted to this classic movie. They are in most cases a simple collection of pages with a few pics, but you will find some material like music and video on them that we don't have -- deliberately -- as all of our material is our own. We always research our own info, gather our own pictures and do not duplicate areas which other sites concentrate on..

Karate Kid HQ

A great new fan site with some genuinely good stuff. Keep up the great work! :) Stars ****

Karate Kid Documentary

-UPDATED- Documentary filmmaker Sean Cunningham's quest to train and fight in a tournament whilst travelling the world finding out about people who were influenced and inspired by the movie.

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Stars *****

Lane's Karate Kid Page
Another Karate Kid Site. Some general discussion. Stars ***

The Karate Kid Page At The Internet Movie Database
Always worth checking out, but they stole (or someone submitted) all our locations information :( The IMDB allows you to cross-reference information and see what the actors and crew have worked on. Stars ****

Links To Our Other Web Sites

Our "Last Dragon" Web Site, hosted by Taimak, the star of the movie!!!

Breakin' [also known as Breakdance -The Movie] is one of the classic dance movies of the 80's -a decade known for its dance movies. Although produced cheaply, it has worn very well over the years compared with it's flashier, expensive cousins like flashdance. You don't have to be into breakdance to appreciate it either.

The Secret of My Success, starring Michael J. Fox is the classic 80's corporate fairytale of a young guy who starts off in the mail room and by using his wits, quickly works his way up to be the head of a large multinational corporation.
Both these sites maintain the high standards you expect from us and are both proudly non-commercial like this one. Check 'em out!

The 80's Movies Rewind. The quality of this site applied to the whole spectrum of 80's movies. In conjunction with some of the very best movie webmasters on the net.

Finally, a hub where 80's film fans can learn all about their favourite movies with the quality that this classic decade deserves. No spam, non commercial. Thousands of hours have been devoted already to it's development and now you too can visit the only 80's movies project of this scope on the web...
- Click here to visit...

Gone, But Not Forgotten...

These sites were once available but have sadly since disappeared...

The Karate Kid Dojo
Nicely laid-out Karate Kid site by Morgan Johansson. Totally excellent audio section where you can download all the music. Also, a good selection of video. Between this site and our own, you'll hopefully have everything you need. Stars *****

The Karate Kid Homepage
The original Karate Kid site on the net. Has a very interesting piece sent in by William Zabka, who plays 'Jonny', the chief 'bad-guy' in the original Karate Kid movie. Apart from that very scant info. --Unfortunately wasn't updated for years. Stars **

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