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Worlds Best Websites Award -If you're a fan of the original Karate Kid, you're in luck! ...we've exclusively got the very best Karate Kid pictures, all about the movie soundtrack, behind-the-scenes info on the cast & crew, a fabulous, exclusive tour of the real life movie filming locations used in the making of the Karate Kid movie, trivia, merchandise and much, much more!

-If you're also a fan of the Karate Kid II, then you're in luck too! ...we've exclusively got the very best pictures, all about the movie soundtrack, behind-the-scenes info on the cast & crew, fabulous, information about the real life movie locations, trivia, merchandise, missing scenes and much, much more to come!

Much of this has been made possible by the fantastic collaboration of fans all over the world. If you were you involved in the making of any of the Karate Kid movies, you know someone who was or if you have any information that you'd like to share with everyone, please do contact us here at the Karate Kid Website.

NewsLast Updated: 21st May 2008

Interview With Mark Kamen There's a very nice interview with the writer of KK online here. Thanks to Andy Sloane for the heads-up.

All 4 Karate Kid Soundtrack (Scores) Released!
As if we hadn't waited long enough! The instrumental scores to all 4 Karate Kid movies by Bill Conti were released by Varese Sarabande as a 4 disc Special Edition of just 2500 copies worldwide on 26th March 2007. Now sold out, but you can still get copies here ...

Pat Morita Passes Away...
As many of you will already know, it's a truly sad time for all movie fans as the actor who so vividly brought Mr Miyagi to life passed away from Natural causes at his home in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving. How could we ever say anything to address this loss except to send our most sincere condolences to his wife and three daughters...

DVD Special Edition
After the long-awaited Special Edition DVD came out, we have reviews on the messageboard as well as some cool easter eggs users have found.

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Fan's Halloween Shower Costume!
Read all about KK fan Daniel Madden's quest to make his own halloween shower costume at his web site.

Canyon Portal Motel in Sedona now gone forever... - in our Karate Kid locations section.

Locations: Miyagi's House -Mystery Solved, Country Club New Info & Ali's House Address - in our Karate Kid locations section.

"The Last Dragon" Website Launches !!
-It's still under heavy development and I know that a lot of you have waited patiently for it but at last it's finally here, the latest member of the fast-rewind 80's family. Check it out here.

The 80's Movies Rewind. The quality of this site applied to the whole spectrum of 80's movies. --In conjunction with the very best 80's movie webmasters on the net.

Finally, a hub where 80's film fans can learn all about their favourite movies with the quality that this classic decade deserves. No spam, non-commercial. Now over a year old and covering more than one hundred of the best 80's movies.
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