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Very memorable music was one of the key ingredients in the Karate Kid success story. In this section we will take the most comprehensive look at the music of Karate Kid Part II anywhere on the web.

Karate Kid Part II Music

The music used in the movie consists of:

The soundtrack score [the instrumental music], written by Bill Conti With Pan Pipe music by Gheorghe Zamfir
The 'pop' soundtrack music [which was released on the elusive Karate Kid II Soundtrack album]

The Soundtrack Score by Bill Conti_____

Conti, a distinguished and experienced film music writer was born on 13 April 1942 at Providence, Rhode Island and majored in piano and composition at Louisiana State University and earned a master's degree at the Juilliard School of Music in New York (The same school that John Williams attended). Certainly his output is prodigous, having scored over 110 films and numerous TV Shows, in 1995, Conti was awarded the Golden Soundtrack Award for his lifetime achievements by ASCAP. Conti has been involved with several projects with Karate Kid director John G. Avildsen. As is common in hollywood, the director and composer have enjoyed working together and have 'bonded', with the director often using the same composer for many different projects. -A good example of this is Steven Spielberg and John Williams who have collaborated on virtually all of Spielberg's projects for over 20 years. Unfortunately Conti is known to have stated in interviews that he believes that movie music is better left in the movies rather than isolated on a soundtrack CD and in his case, this has borne true, with very little of his amazing reportoire available on CD...

You can read more about
Bill Conti [including his attitude to releasing his scores on CD] in the original Karate Kid music section or the Crew section.

Pan Pipe Music by Gheorghe Zamfir______

You can read more about Gheorge Zamfir and his pan flute or pan pipe music in the original Karate Kid music section.

The 'Bootleg' Soundtrack Score___________

A complete version of Bill Conti's score to the Karate Kid Part II is floating round on CDR among serious soundtrack score collectors. It is not available to buy as it is, obviously, completely illegally released. The authors of this site have heard it and can confirm that it is of very good sound quality and contains none of the 'pop' music from the film. We can only hope that someone decides to officially release this score one day so that it can be legitimately obtained, but for now, you can download the music to listen to from our friends at The Karate Kid Dojo.

The 'POP' Soundtrack Music____________

The pop music soundtrack album is 'elusive' because it was originally published on vinyl record in 1986 on the United Artists label and discontinued a few years later. It was also released in very limited quantities on CD, but this author has only ever seen one copy (and I didn't buy it!), if you have a copy on CD
, please contact me...

Coming soon will be a complete breakdown of the artists used, but for now we give you a comprehensive list of the tracks used and all of them are present on the soundtrack album:-

Written by Peter Cetera, David Foster, Diane Nini and Michael Omartian
Produced by Michael Omartian Performed by Peter Cetera Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

Written, Produced and Performed by Dennis DeYoung
Courtesy of A&M Records

Written and Produced by lan Stanley and Roland Orzabal
Performed by Mancrab
Courtesy of 10 Records Limited

Written by Richard Wolf and Wayne Perkins
Produced by Richard Wolf
Performed by Southside Johnny
Courtesy of Mirage Records

Written by John Lodge
Produced by Tony Visconti/Roar Enterprises Limited
Performed by The Moody Blues
Courtesy of PolyGram Records

Written by Jimmy DeKnight and Max Friedman
Arranged by Paul Shaffer
Produced by Brooks Arthur
Performed by Paul Rodgers
Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Written by Curtis Williams and Dootsie Williams
Produced by Freddie Perren Executive Producer: AMI Productions
Performed by New Edition
Courtesy of MCA Records

Written by Carly Simon, Bill Conti and Jacob Brackman
Produced by Bill Conti
Performed by Carly Simon
Courtesy of Arista Records

Important Note: We realise that some of you would have been hoping to download the music from this page and will be disappointed in some way that we haven't provided the means to do this. Here at the Karate Kid WebSite, our focus is on providing you with the very best information and behind-the-scenes details. The inclusion of this type of material would be illegal and would mean the end of the support that we have enjoyed from the nice folks at Columbia TriStar. The music used to be available at Morgan Johansson's excellent Karate Kid Dojo, but this site has sadly disappeared...

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