House By The Cemetery

AKA: House Outside The Cemetary

Fulci said that he loved 'killing' actress Daniela Doria. She appeared in four of the Italian maestro films. In 'House' she has a large kitchen knife stabbed right through the back of her skull, with the blade coming straight out of her mouth. In ‘City’ she regurgitates her entire intestinal tract. In "The Black Cat" she is locked in a boathouse to suffocate slowly and in "The New York Ripper" she is bound to a bed and subjected to eye and nipple slicing from a manic with a razor blade and Donald Duck voice!

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The film begins with a beautiful girl (Dora) putting her clothes back on after a rendezvous with boyfriend Steve at the town’s local 'haunted' house... the Freudstein House!

She wanders around the seemingly empty house calling his name, believing he is playing a prank, she becomes annoyed. He soon appears… With his head split open and a pair of scissors stabbed into his heart! She screams but is soon silenced by a large kitchen knife, which is plunged by an unseen killer, through the back of her head, the blade going right through her skull and out of her mouth!

Welcome to the world of Lucio Fulci where extreme, comic book violence merges with the bizarre, the kitsch and the beautiful.

Dr. Boyle (Malco) is assigned to finish the research conducted by Professor Peterson, who was researching suicide before he allegedly murdered his mistress then hung himself. Of course, fate leads him to complete the research at the Freudstein House. Upon arrival at the house Dr. Boyle’s wife Lucy (MacColl) recognizes that the house is exactly the same as a framed picture from the walls of their New York apartment. Stranger still is the tomb which is buried in the house’s hallway and the anguished childlike spectral moaning during the nights. Ageing tombstones populate the garden, the son has befriended a mysterious playmate... from another era? The sullen, beautiful nanny Ann (Pieroni) has disappeared and the house’s atmosphere is causing Lucy to lose grip on her evidently, fragile state of mind.

Her husband seems remarkably unconcerned about his wife’s steady descent into madness. He is recognized by both the real estate agent & librarian as having visited the town before, yet claims that this is his first visit... Is he in someway involved in a bizarre complex plot to push his already teetering wife over the edge into insanity?

Or is there a deranged, demented monstrous killer living in the basement?


The film undoubtedly draws influence from Mario Bava's "Shock", Stuart Rosenberg's "The Amityville Horror" and Stanley Kubrick’s "The Shining".

Fulci’s film, with its slick editing, unsettling camera angles and low budget, yet admirable effects, differentiates the film from other low budget Italian exploitation films of the early 80’s. As with his other films from the era, "City Of The Living Dead", "The Beyond" & "The New York Ripper" low budget horror doesn’t come better than this!

Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: Who needs a script when you've got fantastic gory effects like this!

Weaknesses? The dubbed voice of the kid has to be the most annoying ever committed to celluloid!

Our rating: 7.5 out of 10

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House By The Cemetery