The Hollywood Knights


Duke's yellow '57 Chevy was "Popular Hot Rodding" magazine's famous "Project X" test car.

The transmission was damaged during filming (you can see the smoke roll over the top of the car when the engine gets hurt during the race with the Cobra).

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It’s Halloween night, 1965.

It is a sad night for the local teens who hang out at Tubby's Drive-In, for tomorrow it will be closed for good.

This especially holds true for the Hot-Rod gang, The Knights, who raise hell at Tubby's, on the streets, or anywhere else for that matter. They will do all they can to make this final night as memorable as possible.

Lead by their raucous and quite comedic leader, Newbomb Turk (Robert Wuhl), The Knights are holding an initiating ceremony tonight for some pledges who may not know what they are about to get themselves into.

It won’t be an easy task that they will embark on tonight, but they will give it their best shot to join this elite club of pranksters. It doesn’t help either when you have the local cops following your every move, no matter how dumb they are.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy a fun filled evening featuring a unique talent show, a high school pep rally, a school dance, a ton of practical jokes, and some other interesting events.

Sit back and enjoy the ride that is “The Hollywood Knights”.


That’s the basic plot folks... Yes, that’s it!

Doesn’t sound like much of a movie you say, but for this flick, less is more! In my opinion, this is an absolute must see for any fan of 80’s movies.

To tell you the truth, I am surprised at how many movie guru’s have never even heard of this classic. Sure it is raunchy, dirty, sexist, disgusting, and quite pointless at times, but brilliant! What a cast for one... Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer, Fran Drescher, and the feature film debut of Robert Wuhl.

Also features a great soundtrack of classic tunes from the 50’s and 60’s! Having a similar feel to American Graffiti, I say go out and buy this movie right away and you won’t be disappointed.

Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: Raunchy humor at it’s best, a killer soundtrack of oldies classics, an all-star cast of up and coming stars, and the biggest strength of all……. Newbomb Turk!

Weaknesses? Though not a weakness to me, this film may not be for everyone considering the amount of raw, disgusting humor. Like I said….. not to me! I love this kind of childish, immature comedy. A legitimate weakness could be the sub-par acting at times, but you’ll soon get over that once you start laughing you head off! I could also do without the “love story” sub-plot going on with Danza and Pfeiffer’s characters.

Our rating: 8 out of 10

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The Hollywood Knights