Stripes Bloopers & Goofs

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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1981 Comedy movie starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Warren Oates et al.
Contributed by: Steven Wojcik
In the graduation scene, from the moment Bill Murray's troop nears the graduation area up until the very end of graduation (it's party time...Italian style), everytime they cut to the next shot you get a sunny day on one shot, then a completely overcast cloudy day on the next, then totally sunny, then cloudy, then sunny.....this continues for 10 minutes or so throughout the entire graduation scene.
Contributed by: Redtigershark
In the scene where Bill Murray does push ups in the apartment and wins Harold Ramis' money, Murray is seen laying flat on his back with only a few dollars on his chest. The camera cuts away and when it comes back he has a much larger amount of bills on his chest.
Contributed by: Rodney Collins
In the scene where John (Murray) tries to desert the Army, his friend Russell (Ramis) catches up to him and pushes him the ground. The duffle bag alternates from being under John's head (as a pillow) and off to the side several times.
Contributed by: Matt
Watch the scene shot from two angles when Ramis prevents Murray from going AWOL in the motor pool parking lot, while wrestling on the ground, Murray's hat is on and then off. His bag also appears next to him then under his head.
Contributed by: Bob Mayben
In the apartment scene at the start of the movie, while Anita is dressing she puts on three boots! The left one twice.
Contributed by: Anonymous
After Murray and Ramis 'borrow' the Urban Assault Vehicle, Laroquette drives up at night to find it missing. He then has the rest of the platoon loading up a truck w/ammo to go after them.

Daylight is clearly visible through the windows of the warehouse during this scene, yet the next scene they are driving in the rain and it is night again!
Contributed by: Anonymous
SFC Bulka has a combat patch (First Cavalry Division) but no combat stripes that would be on the lower left arm.