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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1982 Comedy movie starring Sean Penn, Judge Reinhold, Nicolas Cage et al.
Contributed by: happyturtledad
In the scene where Rat wants to ask Stacy for her phone number, he waits while she makes change for a customer. She says "...your total is a dollar ten, and your change is five cents.."

What combination of coins could you possibly give someone for a $1.10 purchase that would leave change of five cents?
Oops! After Brad gets fired & punches the bathroom door, the sound doesn't come until after he has punched it.
Contributed by: Stephanie
Spicoli's pizza is supposed to be extra cheese & sausage but when the pizza's shown, there's clearly no sausage!
Contributed by: Duane
Mr. Hand was wrong about the Platt Amendment! He tells his class that the Platt Amendment was "a piece of legislation introduced into Congress by Senator John Platt. It was passed in 1906. This amendment to our Constitution has a profound impact upon all of our daily ..." (He stops because he notices that Spicoli is absent.) The senator's name was Orville H. Platt, not John.
The legislation was introduced in 1901. The Platt Amendment was not an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but, rather, to the Cuban Constitution. (It's major impact was to keep European nations away from Cuba and it led to the establishment of Guantanamo Bay.)
Contributed by: Tom Blank
In the scene were Jeff Spicolli has to be brought to class by a fellow classmate (the scene when he comes in with the bagel in his pants) there is a blooper with the clothing on the boy in the front row. When Mr. Hand is writing the famous "I Don't Know" on the board, it shows the class reaction as he is writing it. Take note of the boy on the left hand side of the screen in the front row, they first show him with his vest off. Then they show him again and the vest is clearly on. You may reconize this boy, because he played one of the geeks in John Hughes' "16 Candles."
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