Raiders of the Lost Ark Bloopers & Goofs

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The Ark of the Covenant
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1981 Action / Adventure movie starring Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman et al.
Contributed by: Adam
In the scene where Indy comes face to face with a king cobra, a puff of sand can be seen hitting a sheet of glass that has obviously been placed between them. If you look very carefully you can also see the faint reflection of Harrison Ford's face in the glass as well. Apparently, Steven Spielberg wanted a real cobra... and he got one. Thank God for glass, eh Harrison!?!
Contributed by: Jerry
When Indy is in the truck and crashes into a wall dropping an Arab onto the hood. The grating on the roof dislodges and just about falls off when it crashes. But it's there and well bolted in when Indy later needs it to swing into the truck...
Contributed by: Phil Clark
In the scene where Marion is kidnapped by the Nazis and Indy thinks she dies in the explosion you can see how the truck was flipped. Apparently it was too heavy to be flipped by driving it up a ramp but if you look at the bottom of the truck you can clearly see a telegraph pole which was used as a ram to push the truck over.
Contributed by: Eric
During the scene where Indy crawls along under the moving truck after being pushed over the hood, there is a channel dug in the dirt road to give the stuntman and Ford extra clearance under the axles.
Contributed by: Mark Bruno
When Indiana Jones falls into the well of the souls and a Cobra snaps his head up you can see a slight reflection in the glass that is between Harrison Ford and the Cobra.
Contributed by: larry dunn
The ten commandments were given to Moses atop Mt. Sinai, not Mt Horeb.

Update: Steve Turner kindly wrote in to say that watching it on TV with subtitles in UK. Indy says Horeb, subtitles say Sinai. My bible on iPad says Horeb in Exodus 3.1
Contributed by: Anonymous
When Marion is firing the airplanes machine gun, the bullets clearly hit in the dirt in front of the nazis but the bad guys go down anyway.
Contributed by: gav richards
In the scene where Marion is kidnapped in the big white basket and Indy starts to pull them over to try and find her you can clearly hear Indy shout "Karen" (the actresses name) instead of the characters name Marion
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