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One ugly Mother******...
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Action / Adventure movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke et al.
Contributed by: Brandon C. Price
When Carl Weathers' character "Dillon" is killed off you can actually see his real arm underneath the fake "severed arm" if you look closely and maybe rewind if you don't see it the first time.
Contributed by: Jo Franco
At the beginning of the thermalvision scene, when the predator picks up the dead scorpion you can see the date of filming (5/22/86, the hour -12:19 and something that looks like thermaltrics in the upper part of the screen.
Contributed by: John Rowley
When Carl Weather's character, Dillion, gets killed, you can clearly see a wooden see-saw device lifting him up as the predator stabs him through the chest with his claw.
Contributed by: Sergio P
In the final battle scene (where the Predator and Arnold fight and he crawls into the ditch he made), if you look to the right above Arnold's feet you can see that the Predator is walking right behind him into the ditch but when the camera switches angles it shows that the Predator is barely reaching the ditch.
Contributed by: Lee Symonds
When Billy stands on the log bridge & turns to confront the predator he throws his bag & gun off the bridge. Although you hear a splash (as if the bag has fallen in the river) you see the bag land in the bottom corner proving that the bridge isn't as high up as the director would have you believe.
Contributed by: Mike O.
During the scene where Mack opens the poncho to say goodbye to Jesse Ventura's dead character, you can see Jesse's right eye twitch when it is opened (obviously impossible if he were dead!).
Contributed by: Phantom Planet
In the scene where Mac and Dillon are planning to 'ambush' the Predator ("We can get this thing Mac!") you can clearly see a boom microphone in the leaves near their heads. Whoops!
During various scenes involving Arnie (Dutch) and Billy walking through the jungle, the weapon they are often carrying (an AR15) has a cut down pump action 12 gauge mounted below the hand guard. Some scenes go from shot gun mounted one second, to shot gun missing the next.
In the scene in the jungle when "old painless" is brought out to do some logging, you can see the 28 vdc power cable from a power cart (used for ground support for helicopters) when all of the spec ops guys have their back to the camera going after the Predator.
Contributed by: CHRIS_REED
During the scene in Predator when Mac removes a Scorpion from Dillon's back, Mac steps on the scorpion to kill it and when he removes his boot you can clearly see that the scorpion is suddenly facing the other way to which it was when he trod on it!
In the scene right before the crushing of the scorpion, Dillon is yelling at the girl prisoner and walking toward Mac. If you look in the background, you can see one of the dead guys move his leg.
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