The Lost Boys Bloopers & Goofs

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"Death By Stereo!"
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Horror / Occult movie starring Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Dianne Weist et al.
Contributed by: Tori
When Sam is having a bath, the rug at the bottom of the stairs is length ways when he goes up, but has changed when he comes back down, to width ways.
Contributed by: Emily Cohen
The scene where Michael (Jason Patric) and Star (Jami Gertz) are doing the naughty in the bed in the cave, you see Laddie (Chance Michael Corbitt) sleeping in it before they get in and he never gets out.
Contributed by: Jennifer
When Billy Wirth's character gets hit the first time by the bow and arrow he lands on the floor with his arm one way then when the camera pans back his arm is now a different way.
Contributed by: Becky
On the part where Sam was upstairs singing and bathing, and Michael was downstairs vamping out and drinking milk out of the carton, he falls and drops the milk. In that shot we see the milk is wasted on the floor, and the carton is sitting one way, but when the boys mom walks in later and picks up the dropped milk, the floor is clean (no milk) and the carton is facing a different direction.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
When the vampires are leaving the cave, the waves are going backwards.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
Near the middle of the movie, you see Michael has a transparent reflection as he is only half vampire. But earlier in the movie, others who are full Vampires in the video store cast full reflections in the glass counter.
Contributed by: Anonymous
When Max is at the dinner table and Sam spills water on him; watch his dinner jacket. It's wet one scene; not the next; then it's wet at the bottom and not; then just the lapels are wet.
Contributed by: chimpanshane
When Sam, Michael and the Frog Brothers are preparing for the coming of vampires, in the scene when Michael closes the windows, you can clearly see the reflection of one of the crew's faces in the cabinet glass.
Contributed by: Stacey Panton
The waves outside of the cave are in reverse as the vamps leave - this is because, as the film was so low budget, the scene of them entering the cave is re-used -but in reverse.
Contributed by: lucy haim
When sam is in the bath there is shampoo on the side when he ducks under the water it is gone.
Contributed by: Tina Wilkie
When Michael is in his room and starts to vamp out, you will see as he is going out the window he knocks the phone off the hook right "before" the Mom calls and Sam answers.
Contributed by: dee
When Micheal is floating the pulls the telephone off the hook and then the phone rings and Sam answers to his mum.
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