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Ferris entertains the whole of downtown Chicago with "Twist And Shout"
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Comedy movie starring Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara et al.
At the end of "twist and shout", Matthew Broderick leans back and falls into the hands of the German girls. If you notice they weren't exactly looking... he fell a little too early and they almost dropped him!
At the beginning of the movie, when Ferris and Cameron are taking his dad's Ferrari out to pick up Sloan there is a very old green classic car in the background of the garage. Later in the movie when they return it is missing. It isn't very likely that sometime during the day Mr. Fry returned home from work to take it out for a drive without noticing the Ferrari which he never drives is missing.
In the scene where Cameron is sinking in the pool you can clearly see some kind of weight belt or something around his waist, which isn't there when he is out of the pool.
When Ferris has just picked up Sloan from her school, he looks over at the camera and says " The question isn't what are we going to do. The question is what aren't we going to do". While he is saying this you can clearly see a boom mike moving back and forth in the car reflection.
In one shot of the car parked - the seatbelt is slammed in the door of the car and hanging out but when they cut back to the car seconds later, the seatbelt is gone.
In the scene where the nurse tells Sloan in the hallway about her grandmothers passing, if you look past them, you can see Jeanie standing at the very end of the hall. Evidently, she is waiting for the scene that shows the camera moving in on her later in the movie.
When Ferris throws the baseball at the stereo it turns off before the ball hits it.
The rear view mirror disappears when Jeanie is speeding home.
When Ferris is kicking his shoes off at the end of the movie before jumping back into bed, he kicks his right shoe off and then when they change camera he kicks the same shoe off again.
When Ferris is about to jump in the pool to save Cameron there is a cookie floating in the water. As he jumps in, it disappears.
Contributed by: A Very Observant Jennifer
When Mr. Rooney goes to Ferris's house he is wearing a long sleeved shirt and coat jacket. A shot of his arm ringing the doorbell shows a bare arm with dark hair. When they return back to a shot of Mr. Rooney, his sleeve is touching his wrist and he does not have dark hair on the back of his hand.
Contributed by: Bob Angarola
The scenes shot at Cameron's house began in May and finished in October. The scene where the Ferrari was crashed was shot in October. The trees in Chicagoland were in full color at this time. In order to have continuity and depict this scene as May, all of the leaves on the nearby trees were painted green! There is one scene after the Ferrari goes through the glass and the camera is down in the ravine looking up at the three actors standing in the garage looking down through the missing window. In the pane of glass next to them you can see reflections of distant trees which are every color but green as the fall colors were in full force.
In the movie, the sisters car is a 1986 Pontiac Fiero 2m4. When she goes to drive away from the outside of the school, by the track, irritated at Ferris, she uses a column shift to shit the Automatic Transmission into drive. Fieros however never came with column shifts, they were all floor shifters.

This may have been added to make her pulling out more dramatic, as a floor shifter would not have been in shot.
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