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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1988 Action / Adventure movie starring Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Alexander Godunov et al.
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When jumping off the roof at Nakatomi Plaza just before it explodes, you can clearly see John McClane's "rubber shoes" that were used to protect his feet. While the people are being held hostage, he is supposed to be barefoot.
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The eyes of the "dead" Tony in the elevator close just before Hans touches his face. His face also moves to avoid getting hit.
Contributed by: Anonymous
After Reginald reverses his bullet ridden cop car he exits the car with a bleeding head cut, he's next seen talking to McClane on the walkie unharmed.
Contributed by: John
The first and second rocket attacks both blow out the same window on the APC.
Contributed by: Kenneth
When Bruce enters the elevator he is wearing a white T-Shirt. After the elevator scene, he has a black T-Shirt on. I don't know if this was done purposely to make the audience think his shirt had gotten dirty but, obvious, it is a different shirt.
Contributed by: Thad Jameson
The Police car that Reginald Vel Johnson's character 'Sgt. Al Powell' is driving, from the time he is at the gas station until he pulls up to Nakatomi Plaza, is an older late seventies model Impala, but when the bullets hit it it's a later mid eighties model. In another shot, when it is driving in reverse, the rear door on the driver side is black. It can be seen when the chauffeur Argyle is talking on the limo's car phone.
Contributed by: Dan
After Hans demands the release of 3 groups of terrorist prisoners, McClane calls Al Powell, on the radio, asking about that "bullsh!t"..Al repsonds "I'm here John, I'm here..."

However. at this point, Bruce Willis is still "Roy" (as in Roy Rogers) Al doesnt know yet that he's John McClane....
Contributed by: Anonymous
If officer Powell was behind a desk because he couldn't bring himself to pull a gun after accidentally shooting a young kid, why was he on patrol that night?
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