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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1987 Dance / Music movie starring Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Jerry Orbach et al.
Contributed by: Annalisa
The scene where Baby and Johnny are practicing the foot movements and Baby trips, was a genuine goof. It was really late at night and they just had to get the shot done. Jennifer was so tired that she accidently tripped while trying to dance and they left it in there.
When the family first arrive at Kellerman's they attend a group dance class being given by Penny. Note the studio microphone visible at the top of the screen.
Contributed by: Catrina Higgins
When Johnny is teaching Baby to balance by walking on the log over the river, they're talking and Johnny sits down, legs straddling the log, you can see the rocky river bed below. When Johnny goes to pull himself back up to standing position, if you're really quick, you can see, not the river bed but a big red inflatable stunt bag. As a former dancer myself, the movie will always be close to my heart.
There are a couple of continuity mistakes in the film. Eg: when Johnny jumps over the railing to hit Robbie, his belt buckle comes undone then when he throws him down to the ground it is buckled again.
Contributed by: luvinchris92800
During the scene when Baby asks Johnny if he's "had many women", when Johnny gets up and puts his pants on, if you listen very carefully you can actually hear Patrick say "oof". I had heard this was because he got his stuff caught in his zipper. Nobody noticed it in editing and it was left in.
Contributed by: Ashleigh
When Baby is painting the tree for the musical there is no actual paint on the paint brush.
When Johnny, Baby and Billy go to fetch Penny from the kitchen where Baby saw her crying when she was with Neil, the three of them all crowd to the same chain link in the barrier. That's because it has been lowered so that it is easier for them to step over. Quite obvious when you're watching, if you know that is the case.

Tina Marie adds: Actually I just visited Mountain Lake where this particular scene was shot. The rope chain did not have to be lowered... There was no rope chain at all. The film crew built it to give the impression that the staff was separated from the guests.
Contributed by: Dana Palmer And Brittanie And Many Others!
When Johnny and Baby are leaving the resort it's raining but when he turns to break the window you can see in the back that it's actually very sunny and not raining.
Contributed by: Martina Palatto and Renee
When Johnny Castle has to break into his car window... He uses the pole to completely bust out his window. But the next car scene, there is a perfect hole instead of a completely busted out window.

Also, Johnny wants to break into his car to get the keys. He kicks off a pole light and rips out the pole. But no wires come out of the ground to connect the pole and the light to each other and to the circuit.
Contributed by: Jennie
When Johnny and Baby are in the car driving back from their performance at the Sheldrake hotel the trees outside the car window are moving in the wrong direction. If this were actually happening, the couple would be moving backwards!
Contributed by: Deirdre Easton
You can tell they ran the last dance sequence loads of times as you can see the knees of Johnny's trousers are shiny due to the parts when he slides on his knees. They wouldn't be that worn if he'd only done it once. It's seen just as he arrives at the back of the hall to meet the other dancers.
Contributed by: Keisha Hovis
You can also tell that the last scene of the movie was taped several times because Johnnys hair is wet in one shot and dry in another several times.
Contributed by: Chrissy Simpson
When Patrick Swayze jumps off the stage at the end dance scene, he is not sweating. He then spins around, stops, and is dripping with sweat within less than 2 seconds!
Contributed by: Jools
In the scene where Neil comes up to the dance studio, just after they have done the dance to "Love Is Strange", and Neil upsets Johnny by mixing his ideas for the last dance, Johnny puts the same records away twice.
Contributed by: Kate, Jennifer And Lynsay
In the last scene when Baby and Johnny are about to do the dance, you see Johnny taking off his jacket and then the camera zooms up to watch billy put the record on and Johnny has his jacket on again; then takes it off again.
In the scene where Baby, Johnny, and Penny are in the dance studio. You see Penny walk over to the record player. Penny places the needle on the record, then quickly removes it from the record, as the music begins to play. Then Penny begins to dance behind Baby as Johnny dances with her.
Neil interrupts a heated dance moment between Baby and Johnny, in which Neil suggests that Johnny use the Pachenga as the final dance number. You see the mirrored image of Johnny in the background putting away a stack of records in anger. The camera then cuts to Baby, and then back to Patrick in the background slamming down the same stack of records.
Contributed by: Chris
Also, when Baby goes to Johnny's cabin before the heated dance/make-out, count how many times they say the word "great" in conversation. Try another adjective!

Victor Quayle kindly wrote in to add that the writer, Eleanore Bergstein, intended the threefold repetition of 'great' to express the awkwardness that Baby and Johnny were feeling when she arrived unexpectedly. Eleanore Bergstein was so set on this text that, when the film when to Europe, she instructed all translators in subtitles and dubbing to stick to the repetition.
Contributed by: Matt
At the final dance, at one point Max says "Have you got sheet music on this stuff" notice how he is just standing saying it. The very next scene, in the right hand side, he is already dancing with a woman.
Contributed by: Crystal Hames
When Baby is sitting with her sister, upset before the last scene, you see her putting stockings on but you can see clearly that she is not wearing them when she is on the stage.
Contributed by: Lisa Kerbes
When Baby and Johnny are in bed the first time they were supposed to have just finished making love, but if you pay close attention you can see as she rolls over that she has underwear on! [Thanks to Michelle Cutter] Patrick Swayze was supposed to get out of bed on the other side. (Which is why you see her underwear) They were going to refilm it, but the tension or feel of the filming was just right, so they kept it in.
Contributed by: Jacque
When Lisa goes to Robby's room and catches him with another woman, notice that when she opens the door, the hand towel is there and then when she closes it, the towel is not there
Contributed by: Crystal Godet
When Johnny and Baby are on their way home from the Mambo act, they are driving but the car's gearstick is in the park position.
There is a shot from behind Baby's car just arriving up to kellerman's front walk. You see the original actress that was to play the mother in the front seat. Notice mother has blond hair and the actress that ended up playing the mother had brown hair.
When baby askes Jonny 'have you had many women?' when he gets out of bed in anger, he gets his trousers on really fast which suggests he doesn't put any boxers on!
When Baby and Billy carry watermelons Baby is wearing a mohair sweater. She is clearly wearing the sweater while watching Johnny dance, but in the next shot it is gone.
The mulch on the ground is dry when it was supposed to be raining when Johnny and Baby go to the lake.
When Johnny returns and jumps off the stage, he gets the knees on his pants dirty doing spins, but when he comes back up to get BABY they are clean as a whistle.
In the ballroom in the final dance scene's, the upper portion of Baby's dress is loose fitting and at other times the same dress in the same dance is snug fitting.
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