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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Sci-Fi movie starring Barret Oliver, Mary Beth Hurt, Michael McKean et al.
During Daryl and the doctor's car chase, they're supposed to be somewhere in Northern Virginia. However, they're clearly in Orlando, Florida. In one shot, a billboard for RonJon's Surf Shop is clearly visible; in another, on the freeway, you can read the exit sign for Orange Blossom Trail (this is on Interstate 4).
Factual Error: Towards the end of the movie, Daryl escapes from the bad guys by stealing an SR-71 Blackbird, which at the time was the most advanced, spyplane in the world. While the cockpits and sensors on the airplane were classified at the time, the following was not: - The airplanes are guarded by MPs carrying loaded M-16 rifles; - It takes 28 hours to pre-flight the airplane, and a dozen technicians are working on it constantly during that time; - The fuel tanks are empty until 20 minutes before takeoff; the pilot is already in the cockpit when fuel is added; - At the time, the Blackbird cost $30 million, not $100 million like the "general" says; - The red and white "helmet" worn by Daryl was only used during low-altitude test flights in the 1960s; SR-71 crews wear full pressure suits due to the high temperatures and altitudes the airplane encounters; - The SR71 was based in California (Beale AFB), not northern Virginia; - And finally, there is no "self-destruct" on ANY Air Force airplane.
At the beginning of "DARYL" the car is a Nova then is seen as a Cutlass 2 door racing in the trees... then becomes a Nova once more...
When DARYL is flying the SR-71, his Mach meter reads 2.25, well above the speed of sound. He is shown flying around 1-2000 feet above ground level. The sonic boom from a plane at that altitude would be noticed in the town below.
The game Daryl plays with Turtle and his sister is Pole Position. The speed at which he plays the game is not possible to achieve. It is a safe bet that the console it was played on couldn't even handle the game at that speed.
When Daryl and the Doctor are running from the police and switching drivers, when they lose control of the car and spin around, you can see through the rear window that it is obviously an adult driving and a child in the passenger seat, not an adult and a child switching seats.
In the scene where DARYL is on the full-body scanner, there is a "reversed film" error. When Josef Sommer and Kathryn Walker are shown operating the machine through the window (DARYL'S p.o.v.), for some reason, the film is reversed. You can tell this when Kathryn Walker turns her head and the inertia movement of her hair flicking around is blatantly reversed. Whoops!
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