Commando Bloopers & Goofs

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Trouble at the Mall.
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Action / Adventure movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Vernon Wells et al.
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When the buildings blow up (and dummies on pegs) they are shown blowing up approx 12 times , but from different angles - in a sad attempt to make it look as though a dozen buildings are blowing up - they RE-EXPLODE!!
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When John Matrix (Schwarzenegger) blows up the compound buildings, in one of the shots you can see the two enemy soldiers standing in front of one of the buildings are in fact cut-outs with wooden props holding them up!
Contributed by: Bennett
After Matrix rips the passenger's seat out of Cindy's car, he appears very low in the car. In the next scene he is up high again, obviously sitting on a seat.
Contributed by: Jonathan Lim
After Matrix rams Sully's yellow Porche, causing it to tilt, the side of the Porsche is dented. But when he sets the Porsche back down on it's wheels and drives away with it, the side is still intact. The side is dented once more when Matrix arrives at the Sunspot Motel.
Contributed by: Angela Germain
When Arnold holds Sully over the cliff with one hand you can just see the rope holding Sully from the foot!
Contributed by: Kita
In the parking garage, after Arnold rips out the seat in Rae Dawn Chong's car, you can see the film crew's reflection in the paint of her car. Just look at the door and you will clearly see the camera man.
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When Jenny chisels at the door, the wood is thick and solid, but when Bennet breaks through it, it's about 2mm thick!
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In Arnie and Sully's car chase - look closely at the speed of the cars - they're goin about 15mph!!
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When Arnie is firing his M-60 machine gun at end of movie- the bullet-belt is sometimes 3ft long and sometimes its 6 inches. He uses the rosepath in the garden as though it's bulletproof- it's quite amazing to think that a row of roses can deflect bullets!
Contributed by: Niall
When Arnie is trying to make his way past the army, if you look closely, you see that he kills the same man about three times.
Contributed by: David
After Arnold falls from the landing gear of the plane into a very wet marsh, (which is what breaks his fall, I guess), as he is walking out of it, he is completely dry.
Contributed by: Anonymous
When Matrix jumps from the nose wheel gear of the airplane, he does so just in time as the gear is retracting after takeoff. After he lands in the marsh, he looks back at the airplane one more time and the landing gear is still down.
Contributed by: Len Clark
There appear to be two different blazers used during the chase from Matrix's house....

When the blue blazer was crashing down the hill it had spoke wheels in some shots and stock looking wheels with smaller tires in other shots..
Contributed by: kaitlin
In the scene where he storms the estate, when he blows up the 2 guys on the lawn with a grenade, if you look closely you can see one of the spring boards used to launch the 2 men to maker it look like the grenade threw them in the air -the one on the right never goes back down.
Contributed by: reginald smythe mortensen
It takes 11 hours for the jet to fly to the island, yet Arnie chases down Sully and kills him, kills the guy at the motel and flies a turbo prop sea plane all the way there, yet still arrives before the jet !?
Contributed by: Gerrie
When Matrix gears up on the beach he hangs the binoculars around his neck... when he runs in the next scene he does not have them on... then he looks through them when he stops... when he runs gain they are nowhere to be seen...
Contributed by: Bob
Cindy is showing Matrix the receipt for the plane fuel and says that lots of small airlines buy their Planes there...

...Should be fuel not planes