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"Er, someone wasn't on top of their game that day..."
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1988 Horror / Occult movie starring Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif More Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

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After Chucky became alive, his red overall buttons appear and disappear throughout the film.
Thanks to Jeff
At the end of the movie when Chucky's headless body jumps on the 2nd cop, he knocks over a basket on top of the TV and it falls to the floor. In the next shot the basket is back on top of the TV.
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The chant is different at the end than in the beginning.
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When Andy is carrying breakfast the glass on the tray contains orange juice. Later in the scene the glass contains milk.
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Andy places Chucky in a rocking chair that is missing a runner on one side; minutes later, chucky is gone and the chair is rocking, both runners intact.
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When Chucky is trying to get out of the fire place, before he is set on fire, you can see a hand pushing him into the fence.
Thanks to Courtney Griffith
In the scene where Andy's Aunt Maggie is sitting on the couch and Chucky appears to run by; look closely, you can see it's not Chucky, it is a person.
Thanks to Andrew
At the second killing you see a person's hand by the door.
Thanks to Kyle
After Catherine Hick's (Karen Barclay) character shoots off Chucky's head with the pistol she's holding, for a moment when Chucky's walking headless, you can see the rod sticking out from the side of his right leg and some sort of mechanism between the crotch of his charred up pants.
Thanks to Steven Murray
The collar of Karen's coat changes between shots when she is talking to Andy outside his school.
Thanks to Steven Murray
Chucky mispronounces the French words of the voodoo chant. Instead of saying "Pouvoir des morts" (power of the dead), he says "poivre de le morte" (pepper of the dead) with quite a few spelling mistakes.
Thanks to Steven Murray
In the police station, when Andy is being interrogated by the detective, Andy smacks Chucky because he won't talk and his hair is in disarray. In the next shot his hair is slicked down.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Chucky finds the voodoo doll, his voodoo teacher is wearing a tan shirt which changes to white, and then back again between shots, as he uses the doll to break his limbs before killing him.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Karen Barclay is looking at the Good Guy box where it says "Batteries Included", it says "Play Partners Toys" in the bottom left-hand corner. The company that produces the Good Guy dolls is called "Play Pals Toys", not Play Partners.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When the Voodoo man is dying and he is telling Karen how to kill Chucky, he touches her coat with his blood-drenched hands, yet there are no finger prints or marks of blood on her coat afterwards.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Andy and Chucky are on the train, the white stripe around the bottoms of Chucky's shoes are suddenly red. The shade of red is also brighter.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Chucky hits Maggie (the babysitter) in the face with a hammer, you can tell that Maggie is running backwards and can even see her deliberately jumping out the window.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Norris chases Charles Lee Ray at the start of the film, he removes his gloves twice in the toy store.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Andy jumps on his Mom's bed, on the morning of his birthday, he shouts "Wake up, Mummy, Wake up." but his mouth doesn't move.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Dr. Ardmore tries to give Andy the injection, Andy struggles from his grip and then grabs his glasses from his face. Then in the next shot of him, his glasses are back on his face. In the following shot they've gone again.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Mike is in the car being attacked by Chucky, after he hits a metal can and makes sparks, he swerves violently in the road, and on the road you can see several pairs of dark skid marks in the exact same place as he swerves, obviously from previous takes.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Chucky goes to see John, the voodoo man, he is sitting on John's counter. Between shots, one of the cupboards, above the counter opens itself.
Thanks to Steven Murray
When Chucky is electrocuting Dr. Ardmore, blood comes out of his mouth and eyes. Yet when Dr. Ardmore finally dies, there is no blood on or around his eyes.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

The following goofs for "Child's Play" are apparently bogus. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

Towards the end of the movie while Andy's mother is looking for the man who sold the doll to her, she finds him and asks him if he remembered her. She says she had bought the doll the day before when in actuality she bought it days ago.

But, an anonymous visitor commented: "It was the day before when she bought the doll."
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